Chemex VS Pour Over Coffee – What’s the Different & Which’s the Best?

Many people still think that a Chemex is the same as a pour over coffee maker and many times get confused between them. If you are one of them, we would like to tell you they are not and brought before you this article on Chemex VS pour over coffee maker.

We are not simply saying it; we are backed with some research and talks with experts to find out the actual difference between a Chemex and a pour over coffee maker.

First of all, we will tell you what they actually mean and how they work so you can know it on your own. 

Chemex VS Pour Over Coffee

What is a Chemex?

A Chemex is a glass flask that may seem like something straight from a chemist’s lab. However, it’s used for brewing pour over coffee. It has a full glass body and dense paper filters are used for making drip coffee.

Unlike the pour over coffee makers, the Chemex doesn’t use any kind of stainless steel filter but a simple traditional coffee filter which makes sure the drip coffee has a strong flavor and concentration as compared to other pour over coffee methods. 

How does Chemex work?

Using a Chemex is as simple as making a pour over coffee. You have to place the dense paper filter on the funnel and add the required amount of coarse coffee grounds.

Afterward, pour some boiling water on those coffee grounds and make sure you cover all of them. A Chemex usually takes 3 to 4 minutes more than a normal pour over coffee maker because of its dense filter. Therefore, the coffee will drip slowly 

Benefits of using a Chemex

  • The coffee brewed by a Chemex will include a good number of antioxidants as compared to a normal drip coffee 
  • Moreover, you may experience a stronger taste and high caffeine content because of its large brewing time 
  • Chemex helps in developing the flavor of the coffee due to its dense filter paper 
  • Lastly, the coffee will have a smooth and premium flavor 
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Side effects of using a Chemex

  • The Chemex may be fragile so you have to handle them with care 
  • Brewing in a Chemex takes a lot more time as compared to a drip coffee maker 

What is pour over coffee?

Pour over coffee, also known as drip coffee, is made using a pour over coffee maker or simply placing a filter paper on a coffee cup.

A pour over coffee is usually weaker in taste and has less caffeine content. Moreover, it’s highly acidic. The coffee maker used for brewing coffee is usually made out of plastic or glass with a metallic reusable filter on the top.

Although, the filter can be a paper filter which is less dense as compared to a Chemex filter. 

How is a pour over coffee made?

A pour over coffee is also brewed in the same manner as the Chemex. You can place a paper filter on the top of a coffee cup with a conical shape and pour some hot water on those coffee grounds.

Also, if it’s a pour over coffee maker, add those coffee grounds in the metal filter and pour hot water which will drip the coffee easily in the container. 

Benefits of having a pour over coffee

  • Pour over coffee has a less caffeine content which will never hinder with your sleeping pattern 
  • Also, the mild intensity and taste will be the best for people who don’t like strong coffees 
  • Moreover, the coffee can be brewed within 2 minutes because the filter is not that dense 
  • Lastly, the caffeine content is enough to keep you awake without being in high amount 

Side effects of having a pour over coffee 

  • It’s not best for people who like having strong coffees with high caffeine content 
  • May increase the levels of bad cholesterol levels in our body, leading to heart diseases 

How does a Pour over coffee maker differ from a Chemex?

There is not much significant difference between both as both of them use a pour over method. The main difference lies between the filter density as the filter used in a Chemex is denser and thicker than a paper filter used in a normal pour over coffee maker.

Moreover, the Chemex is fully made of glass and looks like a flask. On the other hand, a pour over coffee maker can be of plastic or glass, or any metal. 

Here is the best pour over coffee maker by Asobu for people who love mild intensity coffee.

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Asobu Black Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker

Why do we love it?

  • The coffee maker comes with a nice copper finish and a durable build 
  • Moreover, you don’t have to use paper filters because reusable mesh filter is provided 
  • Also, its double walled so it can keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time 

Having a price range under $50 this pour over coffee maker will really make your dream come true of having freshly brewed coffee anywhere. The coffee maker has a capacity of 32 oz so it will be an ideal choice for a medium-sized family.

Moreover, it has a unique design and also comes in different colors so you can get one according to your preference.

Also, it’s double walled so it can keep your brewed coffee insulated and warm for a longer time as compared to other coffee makers.

Other than that, the rubber handle is cool to touch even if it has hot coffee in it. Therefore, it’s a superb choice if you want the best pour over coffee maker for your family. 


  • Double layer mesh filter
  • Cool to touch handle 
  • Insulated bottom 
  • Strong build 


  • May leak 
  • Does not keep coffee warm

We have already tested this pour over metal coffee maker and it never did let us down in terms of its capacity, durability and coffee brewing abilities.

The double layer mesh filter included doesn’t let any coffee grounds pass through it and provides a smooth flavor. Moreover, it won’t break easily. Hence, you can get this pour over coffee maker by Asobu if you love it. 

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Why do we love it?

  • Chemex is capable of brewing a strong flavored coffee and high caffeine content 
  • The dense paper filters used take long time, but the coffee is worth it 
  • It has a durable build and won’t break even though it’s made of glass 

Coming from the classic series, this 8 cup Chemex coffee maker does everything it should do. It provides a coffee with strong taste and high caffeine content. Moreover, it doesn’t make the coffee acidic like any other pour over coffee maker.

However, it does take a lot of time to brew but the flavor is enhanced and perfect for people who need high caffeine shots. 

Moreover, it is fully made out of borosilicate glass which is known to be much durable and stronger than compared to other ones. Therefore, it’s safe to use. Also, the wooden handle never gets heated and provides a better grip than the rubber ones. 

It can be a gracious gift for someone who loves having coffee all day long because it takes only 5-6 minutes to brew a cup of strong coffee.

Moreover, it will last longer than any other pour over coffee maker. However, the dense paper filters used with Chemex are more expensive than normal filters and will give you recurring costs.

Therefore, if you are able to pay for them constantly, you are free to get a Chemex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chemex just pour over?

Actually yes, Chemex is simply a brand that makes pour over coffee makers but uses a thick paper filter to enhance the coffee taste. Moreover, they look like flasks. 

Is pour over coffee healthier?

Yes absolutely, having a pour over coffee will reduce the risk of getting heart diseases, thanks to its filters which filter out the bad cholesterol and provide you with a cup of filtered coffee. 

Is Chemex better than pour over?

We have said earlier that both of them use the same brewing method but their coffees have different strengths. Therefore, if you love having strong and high caffeine coffee, go for a Chemex or else get any other pour over coffee maker. 

Is the Chemex dishwasher safe?

Yes, Chemex is dishwasher safe and so are other pour over coffee makers so you can simply place it inside a dishwasher and let it do work. 


That’s the difference between them. As both of them use the pour over method with a minor difference, there is only the type of filter which they use because of which the coffee flavor changes. If you want to know the difference between any other coffee brewing method check out these articles. 

  • French press VS pour over coffee 
  • Moka pot VS French press 

From these articles you will get to know the detailed information and we have also recommended the best of them so do check them. We hope that you have loved this article, and we have helped you in any kind. 

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