How to use a Bunn Coffee Maker

You might be someone who has brought a new Bunn coffee maker, right? If yes, you are at the right place where you will find a detailed answer to your question, how to use a Bunn coffee maker.

Firstly, we would like to tell you that it’s not that hard and you can easily use a Bunn coffee maker even if you don’t have any coffee making experience.

Here we have provided all the detailed information regarding how you can use a Bunn coffee maker for the first time in simple steps. Now, let’s get started with the article 

How to use a Bunn coffee maker

1. Place the empty brew funnel

Firstly, you have to attach the brew funnel to the brew guides. The brew funnel is on the top of the carafe. However, make sure you never plug in the machine before following all these steps. 

2. Pour water in the reservoir

Open the water tank and fill it with water. If you are using this coffee maker for the first time, fill the water reservoir with at least two carafe full of water and close its lid. Moreover, do not forget to place the carafe at its place. When the water reservoir overflows, the water will start pouring inside the carafe. Lastly, throw the water. 

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3. Plug in the machine 

Plug in the machine into the mains and switch it on using the on/off switch button which will be there at one of the sides of the coffee maker. Moreover, you have to wait for 15 minutes until the water gets heated up. 

4. Fill in the grounds 

After the water gets heated and you have waited for 15 minutes, now it’s time to fill the coffee grounds to brew coffee in it. Take out the brew funnel again and place a paper filter with the amounts of coffee grounds you prefer into it. Moreover, you have to use coarse grind for it. Lastly, lock the brew funnel at its place.

5. Start brewing coffee 

Now that you have locked the brew funnel, take the carafe and fill it with cold water. Moreover, pour the cold water in the reservoir and place the carafe beneath the brew funnel. Lastly, close the lid of the reservoir. Within 3-4 minutes, you will see the freshly brewed coffee getting poured in the carafe. 

6. Serve the coffee 

That’s the easiest step to follow as you have to simply enjoy the hot coffee while chilling at your home. You can enhance your drip coffee by adding some steamed milk to it or anything else you like. 

7. Clean the Bunn coffee maker

After enjoying a cup of premium coffee, now it’s time to clean and maintain the coffee maker for the next brew. Simply take out the brew funnel and remove the used grounds. Moreover, attach the brew funnel and pull out a shot of hot water.

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This step will make sure there is no coffee residue left in the coffee maker. Moreover, you can check out how to clean a Bunn coffee maker for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bunn coffee makers waste a lot of energy?

Yes, bunn coffee makers waste a lot of electricity because they are made that way. You have to keep them plugged in all the time to keep the water heated and that’s the reason you get a good coffee within a time of 4-5 minutes. However, you can keep it off and switch it on when you want but you have to wait for 15 minutes to heat up. 

Can I run vinegar through my Bunn coffee maker?

Absolutely yes, you can run vinegar through your bunn coffee maker to remove the coffee residue or some scaling inside it. However, make sure you mix the vinegar with equal amounts of water for cleaning. You can check out the article on how to clean a Bunn coffee maker for more information. 

How long does it take to heat the water in a Bunn coffee maker?

If you keep it on all the time, you will require only 3-4 minutes to brew hot coffee. However, if you start it after a long time, it would take at least 15 minutes to heat up and afterwards you have to start the brewing process. 


Now you might be having a clear idea about how to use a Bunn coffee maker. However, it’s equally important to clean the coffee maker you are using, therefore, do check how to clean a Bunn coffee maker before using the coffee machine as it requires cleaning.

Besides that, if you still don’t own a Bunn coffee maker, get one with our list of top 10 best Bunn coffee makers. Here we have featured the best ones according to our personal experiences therefore do check them once. Lastly, we hope that you have loved our article and would like to have more such articles. 

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