8 Best Jura Coffee Machines in 2024

Coffee drinkers across the world will know that nothing beats a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Those of us without a coffee machine may have to travel to the nearby coffee shop to get a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the morning.

And if you want more than one coffee drink per day, it becomes a little more of a chore. As a result, every coffee drinker should want their own coffee maker so they can enjoy their favorite beverage at any period of the day.

Most people prefer the ease of brewing high-quality specialized coffees at home with minimal effort. If you fit into this group, you already know that a Jura coffee machine is a great choice. Moreover, Jura coffee machines are among the world’s best.

They make high-quality espresso and coffee with a range of features to make your experience more enjoyable. Knowing the differences between some of the best Jura coffee machines, however, is important.

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8 Best Jura Coffee Machines

DesignCoffee MakerRetailer
Budget Pick1. JURA A1
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2. JURA Z8
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Staff Pick3. JURA D6
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4. JURA ENA Micro 5
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5. JURA Giga 5
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6. JURA Giga W3
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Best Pick7. JURA WE8
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8. JURA Impressa C60
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1. JURA A1


Budget Pick

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with three different programmable brew settings
  • Includes adjustable water volume
  • Easy cleaning with Self-rinsing and descaling functions.
  • Also, includes a touch screen control panel for ease of use.

Jura A1 can make a delicious cup of coffee with a lot of aroma and flavor. It includes a built-in grinder with three different programmable functions i.e. you can also select from a variety of coffee strength levels.

Also, the bean hopper has an aroma preservation functionality that keeps your coffee beans fresh.  Moreover, the machine can pulse pressures throughout the brewing process for the best level of exertion when combined with the pulse extraction process.

Furthermore, this machine has a touchscreen control panel which shows you the present state of your machine, as well as the current water level in the reservoir. In addition, there are also simple programmability features available.

You can change the size of your cup as well as the dose level in each of your cups to meet your specific needs.


  •  Pulse coffee extraction
  • Low budget machine
  • Compact device
  • Less noise


  • Small hopper
  • Heavy to carry

The variety of features of this machine makes it possible for beginners to make a great cup of coffee. Moreover, if you are a seasoned coffee drinker who truly knows and understands how various coffees taste, such a machine will be a boon to you.

However, it is not for everyone to use a fully automated machine. Also, this machine is very compact and is available at a very affordable price. It’s ideal for someone who is busy and just wants a cup of coffee with some flavor.

2. JURA Z8

Why do we like it?

  • Allows full control of the machine
  • Includes a high-resolution touchscreen for ease of use
  • Also provide an option for different selectable temperature
  • Customized with 10 brew strength setting
  • Offers 21 different drink options

The Jura Z8 has a 4.3″ color touch screen display for easy operation. You can also program various coffee variables such as amount, strength, and temperature. Furthermore, with the Jura Smart Connect, you will never have to touch the machine to brew coffee because you will be able to control it with your Smartphone or Tablet.

It has a large bean hopper that can hold up to 10 ounces of coffee beans. Moreover, the Aroma G3 burr machine ensures the most consistent grind size, resulting in genuine coffee flavor.

A bypass doser and a grind size adjustment are also located behind the bean hopper. Depending on the drink you’re making, you can customize the grind size. The Jura Z8 has a large water reservoir that can hold up to 80 ounces.

As a result, you won’t need to refill the tank as often. Furthermore, the clearly Smart Water Filter located inside the water can remove any sediments from the water and give you more clear water.


  • Fully automated device
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Requires more counter space

Jura Z8 is ideal for true coffee connoisseurs, as it allows you to make a wide range of coffee drinks right at your fingertips. Moreover, you can quickly adjust parameters and settings with the help of a very intelligent touchscreen control panel.

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It also has smart connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth using the Jura app. However, this could be one of the best Jura machines if you want some convenience while making high-quality coffee at home.

3. JURA D6


Staff Pick

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a simple set of knobs, providing more control over your drink.
  • Uses the pulse extraction process to extract more and more flavor
  • Offers 6 one-touch customized specialty coffee
  • Also uses the clearly water filter

The Jura D6 employs a specialized Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) to ensure the ideal flavor and aroma of your coffee beans. More importantly, Jura’s Aroma G2 technology has been integrated into the burr grinder.

A clearly water filter is also installed in the Jura D6 to make sure that the water entering the tubes is kept fresh and pure. Furthermore, this prevents unwanted flavor and odor from approaching your coffee while also reducing scale buildup.

Moreover, this machine’s frothing is almost entirely automated. Simply program the Jura D6 correctly, and it will froth your milk for you automatically. The Jura D6 is a two-in-one espresso and coffee machine that takes care of your shots.

It comes with a removable water tank that holds 63.6 ounces. It means you’ll get almost 63 single espresso shots and 31 double espresso shots. Besides, the bean hopper can hold 7.1 ounces of beans and the coffee grounds container can hold up to 16 ounces of grounds.


  •  Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Automates frothing
  • Extract maximum flavor
  • Many coffee options


  •  Requires more counter space
  • No pre-ground coffee options

The Jura D6 is a high-tech espresso machine that necessitates extensive programming and monitoring. All super-automatic machines are, in the end, excellent for commercial use. This machine, on the other hand, is the best because it does almost everything for you, from grinding to cleaning and frothing.

However, this is a machine with a higher price tag, especially considering all of the extras it comes with. It’s ideal for frothing milk and making lattes, Americanos, espressos, coffee, and cappuccinos. You can also make instant tea by pouring hot water into a cup and slipping it into a teabag.

4. JURA ENA Micro 5

Why do we like it?

  • Offers three drinks: coffee, espresso, and ristretto.
  • Programmable setting for ease of use.
  • Also includes a powerful water pump and an Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System.
  • Has a unique rotating coffee spout.

The Jura Ena Micro 5’s components all play a role in maintaining the flavor, resulting in a more appealing scent. All Jura products come with built-in grinders to ensure that all of the flavors in each bean are extracted for a barista-style scent.

Making coffee has become a pleasure rather than a job thanks to Jura. All you need to do is lightly tap the activation touch screen. Moreover, you may also choose from three distinct cup sizes, choose from three separate coffee strength levels, and make whatever specialty beverage you want.

Furthermore, this machine also includes a one-of-a-kind rotating coffee spout mechanism that instantly identifies if one or multiple beverages are required. The spouts can be adjusted in height between 1.2 inches to 4.4 inches.

In addition, the 4 oz bean hopper is sealed to protect the aroma and freshness of the coffee beans. The Clearyl Smart Water technology is also put on the system to avoid the build-up of harsh chemicals from tap water.


  • Aroma+ grinder
  • Multiple programming features
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Small bean hopper
  • Doesn’t offer a milk frother

Jura creates coffee machines for many types of events, from small gatherings to enormous gatherings. The Jura Ena Micro 5 is one of the best Jura coffee machines if you think about having small gatherings. The machine is simple to operate and maintain, and the coffee is consistently fresh.

Moreover, get the Jura app to program your brewer and brew on the go if you’re interested in programming. This can be your dream machine if you want a little machine that can make a quick cup of coffee. However, once you’ve had Jura, you’ll never want to go back to a conventional coffee shop.

5. JURA Giga 5

Why do we like it?

  • Fitted with dual ceramic grinders
  • Large 87oz capacity water tank
  • Includes a color display for ease of use with a rotatory selection
  • Also offers 19 programmable specialty coffees

The Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Center helps you across each programming process and menu, with pictures and text to help you along the way and shows you how to brew your favorite coffee in just a few minutes.

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Moreover, the fantastic Frother technology produces ideal milk foam and a lovely, creamy, and consistent layer of froth. Frothing a second time breaks the bubbles that formed in the first frothing, resulting in an extremely fine, thick, and delicate foam that lasts an eternity.

The Clearly Water System is responsible for removing all unwanted minerals from tap water, preserving the taste of the coffee.

The machine is also equipped with two ceramic grinders for grinding beans, resulting in a very minimal grinding noise. Because the ceramic grinders are almost wear-free, this makes the machine incredibly fast and enables considerably more uniform grinding over time.

Furthermore, the ceramic grinders’ electrical sensors ensure that you have complete control over the consistency and intensity of your coffee. Using the rotary switch, you may select from a menu of 12 original coffee recipes and amaze your friends and family by offering them whole new and innovative coffee specialties, all at the touch of a single click.


  • Dual grinder
  • Fast and quiet
  • One-touch operation


  • Bit expensive

Now, you will be able to demonstrate that great-tasting, luxurious coffee can be prepared in your home with the Jura Giga 5. Anyone who drinks a lot of coffee on a regular basis would tell you that the technique is crucial to producing excellent coffee.

That is why Jura engineers have worked for years to perfect the technique. Jura Giga 5 includes numerous novel features as a result of its evolution. However, this machine is a bit costly and requires a lot of care, so if you’re comfortable with both of these factors, the Jura Giga 5 is the Jura coffee machine to have.

6. JURA Giga W3

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a large hopper and water tank
  • Has an aroma preservation lid
  • Allows changing the temperature of the water, the quantity of coffee, and the type of froth
  • Comes with a larger color display for ease of use

A huge TFT type LCD is located at the appliance’s top center which displays vibrant visuals of the many coffees programmed into the machine. Also, a three-button set on top of the appliance features a programming button, rotary grinder switch, and the power button.

Moreover, at the base of the machine, there is an inbuilt drip tray. The nicest thing is that it eliminates the need to periodically inspect the drip tray. When it’s time to clean the drip tray, an alarm will appear on the LCD screen.

 The W3 allows you access to over 40 alternative types of coffee, all of which you can customize. Furthermore, the adjustable air intake is an important feature of the GIGA W3, helping to warm the milk and create the perfect froth for espresso milk beverages.

Also, its efficiency is due to the integration of a one-of-a-kind dual boiler system with Thermoblock technology which ensures that the coffee is heated faster and also the milk is steamed faster. The CLARIS Pro Blue filter is also included by Jura to keep the water clean and refreshing.


  • Convenient and simple operation
  • Highly durable
  • Great aroma preservation’


  •  Expensive
  • No carafe for milk

This machine has all of the inbuilt functions you’ll need to create like a barista at your home, along with cycles for cleansing the machine and eliminating scale. The W3 is a fantastic buy because of its professional construction quality and consistent and simple coffee-making capabilities.

Sure, this is more expensive but on the other hand, is the ideal coffee machine due to its level of convenience. You get to drink coffee however you like it for the rest of your life.



Best Pick

Why do we like it?

  • Allows you to prepare 122 barista-quality specialties
  • Includes fast and precious aroma G3 burr grinder
  • Comes with an ingenious filtration system
  • Also, the pulse extraction process provides an amazing brew

The WE8 includes six physical buttons in case you like the more powerful touch of the button. The dual coffee spout is ideal for making two-person coffee. Moreover, the water tank is equipped with smart filtration technology that filters out harmful substances from the water.

Getting rid of these chemicals will assist you to get clean water that can be sprinkled through the coffee grinds.

Furthermore, the machine incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies that work together to create a fantastic beverage. First, there’s Jura’s IPBAS technology, which gets your coffee beans ready for extraction.

The Pre-Brew Aroma System rinses the coffee beans in just the right volume and water temperature for the beverage you’ve chosen. Then, the Pulse Extraction Process contributes to a fantastic brew by cutting the brewing time in half and giving you a fantastic drink in seconds.


  •  Simple one-touch operation
  • Large hopper size
  • Efficient and quiet


  • Not ideal for small countertops
  • Plastic casing

Considering all of the characteristics, it’s reasonable to claim that the Jura WE8 is suitable for everybody. The coffee machine’s huge capacity makes it ideal for use in any professional setting. Moreover, while its adaptability makes it ideal for both homes and offices, the Jura WE8’s towering height is essential to consider and bear in mind before purchasing.

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Although it is much smaller than typical coffee machines, it would still require a considerable amount of counter space to operate at maximum capacity. Fortunately, the Jura WE8 includes a number of modern features and functions that are uncommon in devices at this price point.

8. JURA Impressa C60

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a powerful thermoblock
  • Also has a 15 bars pressure system
  • Comes with fine foam technology
  • Height-adjustable spout accommodates small as well as large cups

The Jura Impressa C60 has four strength settings that control the number of shots you prepare, ranging from 5 to 16 grams of coffee. Also, from a tight, compact dose to a lungo, you may select the quantity of water you want in your espresso.

The rotary dial makes it simple to change any of these settings. Your choices will be saved so that you can access them whenever you want. There’s no need to program your favorite coffees over and over again.

With the Jura Impressa C60, you don’t have to know how to manufacture a beautifully textured foam. That will be taken care of by the machine. Moreover, an extra topper protects the flavor of your coffee beans by keeping air out from the hopper and preserving the quality of your beans.

On the side, there’s also a water tank. It is detachable, making it simple to fill and reducing the risk of spilling. You can use water straight from the tap with the help of an optional filter. In a tiny package, your Jura C60 boasts a comparably powerful Thermo block that swiftly boils the water. It also has a 15 bar pressure pump, similar to the high-performance equipment used by pros.


  •  Affordable
  • Programmable operation
  • Fine foam technology


  • Two-step process
  • Small drip tray

The Impressa C60 is a coffee machine that provides high-quality coffee at an economical price. Now, there’s no reason to visit a coffee shop any longer. You have everything you need in terms of convenience and flavor right at your fingertips.

Moreover, the Impressa C60’s features and the coffee it produces are going to definitely impress you. However, this gadget could cover for itself in a year, based on the amount of coffee you consume. It would be difficult to find any other machine that serves wonderful coffee for the price.

So if you want an affordable yet one of the best Jura coffee machines, then this is the right pick for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to maintaining a JURA coffee machine, what are a few things to keep in mind?

Use genuine maintenance products and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use on a regular basis. Genuine JURA maintenance products are the only ones that provide total hygiene and protection.

Is it possible to use mineral water in JURA’s automatic coffee machines?

 Mineral water is of excellent quality and delivers essential minerals to our bodies. Mineral water, on the other hand, is not suitable for Jura coffee machines since the levels of calcium in water having a hardness of up to 60°dH is considerably too high when compared to mains water.

How many cleaning pills should one use for each cleaning job?

One is sufficient. The JURA cleaning tablets’ composition and size are perfectly suited to a single cleaning operational period. This ensures thorough cleaning.

How frequently should the CLEARYL filter be replaced?

After 50 liters of water have flowed through, or after two months. For the filter to be totally effective, these intervals must be strictly adhered to. Otherwise, optimal water quality and, as a result, a flawless cup of coffee cannot be guaranteed.


Jura coffee machines are without a doubt among the highest-quality automatic coffee machines available today. Moreover, Jura’s technology and design emphasize precision, productivity, and excellence in every brew, rather than just brewing a lovely cup of Joe.

They usually have sleek, basic designs that may complement any kitchen’s decor. However, Jura is committed to employing only the greatest materials and features in its construction, which indicates they have no inexpensive options.

However each machine has its own pros and cons, so the final decision always depends on your preferences. Moreover, here are some of the benefits of purchasing a Jura machine:

1. Most Jura machines, thankfully, include simple navigation screen displays. The operation is simplified by the use of a rotary dial or switch rather than a large number of buttons.

2. Jura machines, in addition to being extremely programmable, also offer a wide range of specialty drink alternatives.

3. Also, these machines are fitted with self-cleaning processes to ensure the machine’s longevity and the finest beverage at each coffee session.

We will suggest,


It’s ideal for someone who is busy and just wants a cup of coffee with some flavor.


This can be a dream machine for someone who wants a little compact machine that can make a quick cup of coffee.

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