6 Best Espresso Machines Under $200 in 2024

Espresso machines with outstanding features and cheaper prices are hard to find. Many cheap espresso machines don’t work for a longer time. Therefore, here we are to help you out with our list of top 6 best espresso machines under $200 of 2021. Moreover, we have given a genuine review and an unbiased opinion regarding each machine featured. Therefore, stay tuned with this article to know more about espresso machines.

These machines can really make your life easier. Moreover, if you are an office person, you must need an espresso machine because you won’t be having time for brewing your favourite cappuccino or latte in busy mornings. Additionally, espresso machines are a one time investment, with good maintenance they can last for up to 10 years. We based this article truly on our personal experiences and genuine global surveys so that your choosing process gets easier. Lastly, we assure you that you won’t regret your choice.

At a Glance:

DesignEspresso MachineRetailer
 1. De'Longhi ECP3120 15 Bar Espresso Machine
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2. Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker
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3. Cafe Barista Espresso
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4. Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
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5.  lightweight espresso machine
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6. All-in-One Combination Maker & Espresso Machine
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1. De’Longhi ECP3120 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Why we love it

  • It comes with an easy-to-use dial control for everything including espresso brewing and frothing milk. 
  • Moreover, the 15 bar pressure pump lets you experience the well-balanced espresso extraction.
  • With a sleek and compact design it can fit in small kitchen spaces easily.

Having a sleek design and lighter than many espresso machines this DeLonghi espresso machine has everything you can expect from any top end espresso machine. To our surprise the price is under $200, therefore, making it affordable for many working people. The twin brewing cycle makes sure you don’t waste your time for mere espresso shots. 

Similarly, the 15 bar pressure pump provided by delonghi is capable of brewing premium espresso shots one after another with the same consistency. As it’s a semi-automatic espresso maker it doesn’t include preset functions for cappuccinos or lattes yet you can make them perfectly with its manual steam wand. Moreover, with a microfoam consistency.


  • Removable drip tray 
  • Adjustable cup height
  • Twin brewing cycle
  • Small footprint 


  • Delicate porta filter
  • Water reservoir is small

If you love having a good and authentic espresso shot as soon as you wake up, this semi-automatic espresso maker is the perfect option for you. The controls are less confusing and beginners can easily operate the machine. You simply have to rotate the dial for operating everything in this espresso maker.

Moreover, it has a compact design. Therefore, it’s a great option for people with fewer requirements and budget.Sleepy heads can be very much benefited by this espresso machine for its easy and fast espresso making abilities so that they don’t have to wake up early for a small espresso cup.

Moreover, if you have less kitchen space, then you should definitely have this trendy and compact espresso machine. It also comes with a twin brewing cycle. However, it has comparatively lesser water capacity than other espresso machines so it would be perfect for individuals and couples.

2. Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

Why we love it

  • You can brew two equally extracted espresso shots with its twin brewing cycle and 15 bar pressure pump. 
  • As compared to other Breville espresso machine Roma requires less space because of its compact design.
  • Lastly, the machine can be easily operated with its one and only dial for espresso as well as steam wand.
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Cafe Roma is one of the popular names amongst espresso lovers for its unbeatable espresso brewing abilities at such a lower price range. The powerful steam wand with this Breville manufactured espresso machine can make delicious and creamy froth within seconds. Also, the worthy 15 bar pressure pump is equally responsible for the balanced flavors of the espresso shot. 

Moreover, there are no confusing functions or buttons on this semi-automatic espresso machine under $200 instead you are provided with a simple dial control for brewing espresso and a steam wand. The cup warmer you get with this machine works finely as you have to maintain the coffee temperature while serving.


  • Heats quickly
  • Easy to use dial
  • Durable
  • Includes cup warmer


  • Drip tray is small
  • Steam nozzle is short

People having a tight budget and love for coffee would definitely love the Cafe Roma as it can brew amazing espresso shots. Moreover, the stainless steel build will last longer than other plastic ones. However, many Cafe Roma users including us have experienced that its steam nozzle is quite short and uncomfortable while steaming milk. Otherwise, at such a low price range, it’s a good option to go if you are a coffee enthusiast and want to keep things simple. 

3. Cafe Barista Espresso

Why we love it

  • A 3 in 1 semi-automatic machine which can make espresso, cappuccino and latte.
  • It comes with an inbuilt automatic milk frother that is capable of making delicious Crema.
  • Moreover, it has 3 trendy color options to select from for your kitchen color scheme.

This machine will be an eye catcher on your kitchen top with its amazing looks and features. Moreover, it also has 3 color options to choose from. You will be provided with 3 preset functions for espresso, cappuccino and latte. Additionally, you can also personalize them as per your preferences. 

Moreover, a 54 oz water tank is ideal for a large family with high coffee needs. 

Also, an inbuilt milk frother with a dial is included for making delicious Crema on the go. This semi automatic espresso machine can brew espressos within minutes. However, the drip tray is pretty small to accommodate large cups.


  • Fast
  • Makes amazing espressos
  • Milk frother works perfectly
  • Stylish design


  • Loud
  • Can’t accommodate larger cups

Mr Coffee is a trusted brand for years so you can blindly go for this espresso machine. Moreover, it is cheaper than other espresso machines with the same features. This is a semiautomatic espresso machine therefore, it is easier to use with its touchscreen controls and preset coffee functions. Therefore, it is the best choice for coffee enthusiasts and large families with tight budgets. Moreover, it can be a good gifting option.

4. Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Why do we love it?

  • A 15 bar powerful pressure pump is more than enough for extracting the right flavors out of coffee grounds.
  • It is a small and lightweight espresso machine with amazing features.
  • Moreover, the 37 oz removable water reservoir is an ideal choice for a family.
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Looking for a lightweight and small espresso maker for your small and sweet home is a difficult task, right? Don’t worry, this DeLonghi manufactured espresso machine with a highly powerful pressure pump will be the best option for you. It comes with a 37 oz water container capacity, perfect for a large family. Moreover, you can brew two espresso shots at once with its twin brewing cycle.

Unlike other espresso machines at this range, it can accommodate larger coffee cups with its large drip tray. Additionally, the easy to use and all in one dial makes it perfect for the elderly and new coffee brewers. The attached steam wand also works perfectly at its price range.  


  • Brews tasty espressos
  • Visible water level
  • Easy to use
  • cheap


  • Steam wand doesn’t make good Crema
  • Coffee is not warm enoug

We would recommend this espresso machine for anyone with high coffee needs because of its water container capacity. Moreover, beginners can have this one as it includes a cup warmer and they can brew different coffee recipes with it. Making a cappuccino or latte is easier with this one with its highly mobile steam wand. However, the steam wand doesn’t offer the perfect texture but is a good option at this price range. 

5.  lightweight espresso machine

Why we love it

  • Truly compact and portable espresso maker perfect for travels and small spaces. 
  • The Essenza takes less than 30 seconds to heat up so you can instantly have a shot of espresso.
  • Has a weight of only 4.4 pounds with a great build quality that will last for minimum 5 years.

Essenza is the lightest espresso machine under $200 with the same quality and features of a chief end espresso maker. The sleek and black finish with a compact design makes it look like a piece of art and can be placed anywhere you want it to be. Also, it’s a semi-automatic portable espresso maker with two preset coffee functions for single espresso and lungo shot.

 Essenza when paired with an aeroccino milk frother you can brew your delicious cappuccino and latte within minutes and at your home itself. Unlike other espresso machines, this Essenza mini offers a fast heat up time of only 30 seconds. Moreover, the energy saving mode switches of the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity. 


  • 19 bars pressure pump 
  • Lightweight 
  • Truly portable
  • Energy saving mode included


  • Water container capacity is less 
  • Uses expensive OriginalLine pods

Essenza will be the perfect option for you if you are a bachelor or a few people with less budget and high coffee needs. You can brew your favorite coffee recipe with this portable espresso maker. However, you will require an external milk frother for the same. Besides that, it saves energy and can brew espressos within seconds. Writing that this is the best semi-automatic espresso machine under $200. Therefore, you can consider this option. 

6. All-in-One Combination Maker & Espresso Machine

Why we love it

  • Gives the perfect flavor and aroma to the espresso shot with its 15 bar pressure pump 
  • Features an inbuilt water filter which makes water softer and removes impurities out of the water so your machine functions better 
  • You can brew not only espresso but also filtered coffee with this all in one espresso maker.
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Are you a fan of espresso and coffee, too? Or does someone in your house love having coffee? If yes, we have this all in one espresso maker by DeLonghi which can brew espresso as well as filtered coffee simultaneously. Moreover, you can also enjoy your favorite milk coffees too because of its durable yet mobile steam wand, which will froth the milk to perfection.

Furthermore, it’s rare to get an inbuilt water filter in an espresso and coffee maker under $200, yet it has one. Also, the water reservoir is ideal for a large family of 7-8 people. Therefore, it’s a great option to choose, as it is manufactured by DeLonghi.  


  • Makes filter coffee
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Front loading system
  • 15 bar pressure pump


  • No water level indicator
  • huge

It’s a great option to go for an espresso plus coffee machine at such a low price if you love having both. The machine has a durable build, but it’s quite huge so make sure you have a good amount of space on your kitchen top. Besides that, the features are amazing as it is under $200. Therefore, it’s a good choice and we would definitely recommend it for espresso and coffee lovers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use vinegar to clean my espresso machine?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean your espresso machine at your own risk. However, it is recommended to use only espresso machine cleaners available for cleaning. Besides that, if you have an espresso machine cleaning experience, you can go for that.

Is it ok to leave the espresso machine on?

It’s not a good practice to leave any appliance on when not in use because the internal parts may get heated and and decrease the lifespan. Some espresso machines come with an auto shut down mode, so it’s good, but if your espresso machine doesn’t have one, do not leave it unattended.

Can you make coffee with an espresso machine?

No, espresso machines can’t make regular coffee because espresso makers are only made for making espressos. They extract the coffee flavor by forcing water with pressure on the coffee grounds. On the contrary, coffee machines have different extraction methods.

How much coffee grounds should I use for a single espresso shot?

You can use a single teaspoon of coffee grounds for a single espresso shot. Similarly, for a double espresso shot, you will require 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds.


So that’s our list of top 6 best espresso machines under $200 with amazing features which will make your coffee brewing process easier. Also, they are easy to use even if you are a beginner. Moreover, you can be a self-made barista while working on these super quality espresso machines. Therefore, do get one espresso machine for enjoying premium quality espresso shots and other coffee recipes at home. 

Check out our article on how to use an espresso machine. Moreover, you can also check out our other articles if you want cheaper options- top 5 best espresso machines under $150 and top 5 best espresso machines under $100.

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