8 Best French Press Coffee

Despite the fact that there are other coffee brewing methods to try, the French press method of producing a cup of Joe remains a household favorite.

Now, and here is the truth: coffee is our life’s elixir. While we enjoy consuming our favorite brews in a coffee shop, the epidemic prevents us from doing so. However, we’ve started brewing a few at home, and if you have a French Press, you must try these delicious coffees.

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8 Best French Press Coffee

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1. Lifeboost Coffee
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2. Koffee Kult Colombian Coffee
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Budget Pick3. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Volcanica Coffee
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Best Pick4. Major Dickasons Blend Peets Coffee
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5. Coffee Bros. Costa Rica
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Staff Pick6. Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatra Coffee
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7. Death Wish Coffee Beans
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8. Real Good Coffee
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1. Lifeboost Coffee

These single-origin coffee beans come from only one plantation in a Nicaraguan national park. Coffee beans are produced at around 5,700 feet above sea level. This high altitude is purposefully chosen to inhibit the growth of coffee cherries, resulting in better flavor and more vital nutrients in the beans.

Aside from the high altitude, the beans are farmed entirely in the shade. However, the utilization of shade can also help the beans to build natural sugars.

Also, these are 100 per cent organic, which is beneficial to the environment, the health of those who drink the coffee, and the farmers who grow the coffee. The flavor, caffeine levels, and freshness of Lifeboost are all designed to provide you with a jolt of energy, the ability to focus, and a delectable taste that will leave you wanting more with every drink.

Lifeboost Coffee has a genuine flavor that is smooth, powerful, and strong all at once, without being bitter.

No matter which roast kind you choose from light, medium, or dark, it is also very clean and has a moderate PH level than regular coffee acidity which also makes it stomach-friendly. Moreover, Lifeboost deliberately makes efforts to maintain their coffee independent of mycotoxins and low in acidity.

While acidity is not in and of itself a bad thing, some people with gastrointestinal issues are sensitive to it in coffee or other items. Lifeboost coffee has naturally low acidity, making it ideal for those who are intolerant to acidity, Coeliac, or lactose intolerant.

This is one of the best ground coffees for coffee lovers who prefer organic and are concerned about the ethical aspects of coffee consumption.


  • Delicious, aromatic coffee
  • Low acid and mycotoxin free
  • Ideal for French press


  • Fairly pricey
  • No variety of origins

2. Koffee Kult Colombian Coffee

This modest, family-owned company has one goal: to find the best coffee beans to make the best cup of Joe. Small-batch roasted single-origin mixes are available. The coffee farmers are also important to Koffee Kult.

Furthermore, it exclusively works with manufacturers who pay women fairly and directly. It also emphasizes dealing with farmers who are environmentally conscious and employ sustainable practices.

Koffee Kult takes pleasure in providing coffees that are smooth and pure tasting. With a robust and earthy flavor that utilizes a deep roast, the dark roast seems to be the best in the category. The beans used to create it are supplied directly from Colombia and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.

Also, these beans at Koffee Kult are roasted right before they’re packaged. This ensures that they stay as fresh and pure as possible. Also, a deeper and fuller flavor profile might emerge from a second crack in the roasting process.

Koffee Kult surely packs a punch for people who enjoy a good cup of coffee. Moreover, the smoothness and flavor of the roast, together with the exceptional crema, will delight even the most passionate coffee enthusiasts.

Also, these Colombian Decaf beans offer great French press anytime you want. The flavor is strong but not overpowering, and there is no bitter aftertaste.  This makes the coffee ideal for lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, and espressos of all kinds.

Moreover, utilizing 100% Arabica beans ensures that both the coffee bean and coffee’s quality is never compromised. The scent and flavor profiles feature overtones of cinnamon, nuts, and chocolate thanks to the finest beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Sumatra.

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You will love these beans if you want a  medium roast that’s versatile enough to enjoy at all times in the day with an underlying hint of dark chocolate and a sweet, syrupy finish.


  • Low acidity 
  • No bitterness 
  • Unique aroma and blend 
  • 100% Arabica


  • The packaging does not indicate the roasting date

3. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Volcanica Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Volcanica Coffee

Budget Pick

Yirgacheffe is a district in Ethiopia’s middle south. Coffee grown here is known for its distinctive flavor and unique qualities inherent in coffee grown at high altitudes. Moreover, Yirgacheffe is grown at elevations ranging from 5600 to 7200 feet.

The beans are classified as Strictly High Grown coffee because of their elevation. The high altitude inhibits the growth of the bean, giving it more time to absorb nutrients and create flavors.

It continues to produce several of the world’s finest and truly unique coffees. Ethiopian coffee has a fruity flavor profile, with blueberry being noticeable in some of the best beans. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Volcanica is unique in that the majority of the crop is taken from wild trees, yielding in a coffee with floral and fruit tones from Arabica beans grown in the area for years.

In the cup, there are aromas of dark chocolate, ripe strawberry, lavender-like floral notes, and aromatic cedar. This is a medium-roasted coffee, as opposed to the dark roast that is typically associated with the French press.


  •  Amazing flavors
  • Unique beans
  • Floral and fruity tones


  •  Bit pricy

4. Major Dickasons Blend Peets Coffee

Major Dickason’s Blend Peets Coffee

Best Pick

If you don’t like the smokiness of French roast, there’s plenty of dark roast coffee to select from. Major Dickason’s Blend from Peet’s Coffee is among the most dependable. Peet’s Coffee was founded in the 1960s by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California, and has always specialized in dark roasts.

Peet’s orders online are roasted and sent the same day, ensuring that the coffee beans you receive are as fresh as possible. Moreover, Major Dickason’s blend, titled after an early backer of the original establishment, creates a rich, pleasant cup of coffee that’s perfect for everyday use.

It is truly regarded as the Peet brand’s gold standard, as this blend produces a coffee having a lot of flavors and fascinating layers. Because the Major Dickason’s Blend is a dark roast, expect some greasy coffee beans when you just open the package.

If you’re going to create espresso with these, ensure you don’t place them in your machine’s built-in grinder if it has one. Placing oily beans into built-in grinders might cause long-term damage to the machinery. To brew these, separate them and grind them separately.

It’s wonderful in a Moka pot, as well as in a pour-over or drip coffee maker, but it’s a fantastic way to experience the enchantment of the French press. This mix has a robust body and a rich flavor profile, with spicy, complex overtones. If you prefer a strong aroma in your coffee, you will then love this.


  • Full-bodied flavor
  • Rich
  • Hand roasted in small batches


  • Average aroma

5. Coffee Bros. Costa Rica

This coffee is truly one-of-a-kind. It will taste fantastic brewed in a French press, but it will also taste fantastic brewed in an espresso machine or drip brewer. It’s simply that good. A highly regarded Costa Rican coffee, typically of the coffee plant varietal Caturra and occasionally Catuai, has a rich, strong flavor and crisp acidity, and has a superb body, often full.

Moreover, Costa Rica’s top high-grown coffees, in particular, are noted for their good body and fruity and sparkling acidity, as well as a clean and crisp flavor.

Coffee Bros is a relatively new brand on the market, but that does not negate the fact that their products are among the best. The company’s main goal is to deliver a diverse range of beans to the market while also supporting coffee-growing countries like Costa Rica.

Furthermore, this is a micro-lot coffee, which is the polar opposite of a single-origin coffee. The origin of this coffee may be traced down to a single grower. And in this case, the producer is located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, which is home to some of the world’s best coffee.

The Arabica beans are cultivated and processed by a father and son team who have spent decades honing their skill. They’re next roasted to a medium roast, producing a full-bodied coffee with cocoa and toffee aromas, as well as a crisp lemon acidity.

6. Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatra Coffee

Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatra Coffee

Staff Pick

What goes better together than a French press and a French roast? French roast coffee is traditionally the darkest beans available, with a pleasingly clear, astringent texture but, interestingly, less acid and caffeine compared to lighter roasts. If the thought of a smoky, toasted cup of coffee makes your mouth wet, Sleepy Monk French Roast Sumatran is for you.

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters is a cute little treasure renowned with locals in Cannon Beach, Oregon, although this is acquiring a following beyond the state lines.

This coffee has a velvety texture and a smooth profile, with deep tones and a robust body that is enhanced when brewed in a French press. It makes a dark-brown cup of coffee that tastes like a French roast.

Moreover, the beans are roasted to a dark and unique flavor, just shy of scorching. If you’re not a fan of French roasts, you could be surprised by the flavor. If you like a light or medium roast, you will not enjoy the dark zest of this.

Sumatran coffee for a French roast because the wet-hull procedure provides Sumatran beans an intense, mushroomy flavor that complements an ultra-dark brew. If you like the French roast flavor, you might like the deep caramelized flavor of Sleepy Monk’s Sumatran French Roast, which comes from the Aceh province on Sumatra’s northernmost tip.

Although it is a tad on the pricier side, it has a flavor that is difficult to forget.


  • Organic
  • Full-bodied
  • Deep flavor


  • Bit pricy

7. Death Wish Coffee Beans

Death wish is one of the world’s strongest coffees. When you open the bag of Death Wish Coffee, you’ll be greeted by a rich, nutty, almost smoky scent that will leave you wanting to have your cup of coffee. After you sip it, you’ll realize it’s nothing like your typical cup of coffee.

It’s not just because of the flavor or scent, it’s also about how it makes you feel more energized. In fact, just one cup is enough to keep you awake all night without even considering obtaining some sleep. Moreover, another fantastic feature of this coffee is that, despite its strength, it is not overbearing, harsh, or burnt-tasting, but instead full-bodied and rich with a moderate level of caffeine.

This brand’s packages feature organic beans with a great flavor. Death wish chooses environmentally friendly farming goods and procedures to ensure that your coffee is not only robust and delicious but also hygienic and free of pesticides and chemicals.

In fact, when it comes to organic coffee production, they choose natural growth methods. You’ll feel an unbelievable energy boost after just one drink of your Death Wish Coffee. Furthermore, three shots of quality espresso are equal to one normal mug of Death Wish Coffee. Prepare one mug of this coffee and don’t waste time going back to the coffee machine to grab another.

Death Wish Coffee is without a doubt the strongest coffee available. Strong, on the other hand, does not automatically imply tastily but this coffee is the combination of both. This has an earthy flavor with hints of chocolate and spices that will leave you wanting more.

All of this delectability is supplemented by a cherry-like sweetness. So, if you like your coffee with more caffeine content, then death wish is definitely a great choice for you. Don’t worry about this coffee tasting bitter; the French press procedure transforms it into a delectable treat!


  • High caffeine content
  • Delicious, smooth dark roast
  • Available in whole bean or pre-ground


  • No light or medium roast
  • Not cheap

8. Real Good Coffee

Nobody does it quite like Real Good, who has over 30 years of experience in the art of coffee sourcing and roasting. They are based in Seattle and aim to fill the gap in the coffee business between affordability and premium roasts. Real Good Coffee Company is dedicated to serving its loyal customers the strongest, most sophisticated, and a solid cup of coffee possible.

Their Arabic coffee beans are sourced entirely from Central and South America. With a tinge of sweetness and incredibly intense, dark-roasted flavors, these beans are a must-try. These beans are free of artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives, with raspberry undertones, rich dark chocolate, and a hint of spiciness from star anise.

Real Good Coffee takes pleasure in producing high-quality, low-cost coffee that is devoid of unnecessary frills. It is committed to ensuring that its coffee lives up to its name and is the greatest option for your French press.

The company also highlights its customer-focused strategy, stating that it is committed to offering the highest quality coffee and product value to its coffee source farms as well as its customers. Your first Real Good Coffee bean packet is guaranteed to be the first of many, offering up an avenue of robust flavors to the rest of the world.

How To Choose The Best French Press Coffee Beans

Apart from quality, choosing the ideal roast for your French press is a personal choice. The first step in making a great cup of steaming hot French pressed coffee is to know the grind and roast type of coffee you enjoy.

Some of the most important aspects of its flavor are the length and temperature of the roasting process. If you prefer milder beers, light roasts are the way to go; if you want fuller flavors, dark roasts are the way to go. It’s simply a question of discretion.

Light roast

Coffee beans that have been lightly roasted have a very light color and a low oil content. These have the highest levels of acidity to go along with their distinct flavors. Although light roasts are popular as a daily cup of coffee, they aren’t the best choice for a French press because their flavors are too mild and easy on the palette.

Medium roast

Mild roasts are one of the greatest types of roasts to use in a French press. Medium-roasted coffee beans have a somewhat darker brown color and an oily surface. They have a well-rounded flavor profile and a mild acidity. When beans are roasted to medium heat, their distinct aromas are kept while sweetness and caramel undertones emerge. Moreover, they’re well-balanced and flavorful, something any fan of the French press will appreciate.

Medium-dark roast

Medium-dark roast coffee beans are somewhat darker and have an oilier surface than medium roast coffee beans. They have a reduced acidity than medium roast beans and are far more delicious and strong in general. Also, these are the greatest beans for the French press because they contain rich floral and chocolate undertones that you can experience in every cup of coffee you make.

Dark roast

For people who like their coffee particularly strong, dark roasted coffee is the ideal option. These beans have an unmistakable dark brown color, are low in acidity, and are effective in their attempt to encapsulate darker, richer, and deeper tastes with notes of nuts, chocolate, and caramel. Although this roast is ideal for espresso, it may not be suitable for use in a French press.

The Ideal Grind

To brew the perfect French Press coffee, you’ll need a significantly coarser grind. Since the French press method is an immersion method, this is the case. This signifies you’ll have a longer extraction period, a slower procedure, and more control to minimize over-extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the French press, what kind of coffee do you use?

The ideal coffee for a French press is coarse and evenly ground coffee. Avoid buying pre-ground espresso coffee for your French press since it may be too fine, resulting in a muddy sludge at the bottom of your cup.

Can ordinary ground coffee be used in a French press?

Although ordinary ground coffee can be used in a French press, it is widely agreed that coarsely ground coffee and water just below boiling temperature are the ideal combinations.

What is the ideal coffee ratio for a French press?

The optimum ratio for French press coffee is 1:12 coffee to water. If you’re using 350 grams of water, for example, add 30 grams of coffee. This can be changed at any time to suit your particular tastes.

What causes the bitterness in French press coffee?

A coarser grind is used in a French Press than in drip coffee. The coffee will taste bitter if the grind is too fine.


Nothing beats a strong, full-bodied, and tasty cup of coffee to get you going in the morning. If you agree, a French press could be the tool you’ve been seeking to help you satisfy your coffee demands. You’ll be your own barista in no time thanks to the simple features and easy mastery.

Simply knowing the best coffee for your French press can be the vital element you’ve been lacking to make the most of your coffee maker and claim your status as a true coffee enthusiast.

It’s difficult to compile a list of the greatest coffees on the market, especially given the diverse range of options. Furthermore, coffee is a highly personal choice; one person’s meat may be another’s poison. The most reliable method of brewing a cup of coffee that is loyal to the bean’s very character is to use a French press.

Although it appears to be time-consuming, it is well worth the effort. And with our list of the top options to keep an eye out for, you’ll be able to keep brewing.

We will suggest,

Death wish coffee

If you want your coffee with a higher caffeine concentration, death wish is an excellent alternative. Don’t worry about the bitterness of this coffee; the French press method turns it into a wonderful pleasure.

Major Dickason’s Blend Peet’s Coffee

It’s wonderful in a Moka pot, as well as in a pour-over or drip coffee maker, but it’s a fantastic way to experience the enchantment of the French press

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