How to make Latte with an Espresso Machine [8 Easy Steps]

Latte making is an art which only baristas have mastered with years of patience and hard work. You will require the perfect temperature, correct consistency and precisely brewed espresso for making a cafe style latte.

However, it is not a straightforward task to do manually, only baristas with years of training can achieve the perfect results. That’s when espresso machines with amazing features and moreover with a preset latte function come to use.

You can achieve the barista style results within no time and also with a single click by using an espresso machine. Espresso machines are available in any price range with a variety of automatic features.

Manual espresso machines are also available if you love brewing coffee on your own. Check out our article- Best manual espresso machines of 2021 for a detailed review and information about manual espresso machines.

Other than latte making espresso machines are also capable of making cappuccinos, filtered coffee, flat white with a single touch. You can also check out our article- how to make cappuccino with an espresso machine if you love trying out new coffee recipes.

How to make Latte with an Espresso Machine

In this article we will guide you with how you can make amazing and delicious lattes at home with an espresso machine within simple steps.

For making a cup of latte you will require this following items:

  • Espresso machine. 
  • External milk frother (if inbuilt is not included).
  • coffee grinder (if you use whole coffee beans).
  • 4 oz milk (Preferably whole fat milk).
  • 4 oz water.
  • 2 tsp coffee grounds (any type you prefer).
  • coffee grinder (if you use whole coffee beans).
  • latte cup.
  • Chocolate syrup or cocoa powder and cinnamon powder (optional).
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Before moving ahead, make sure your espresso machine is clean. You can also check our article- how to clean an espresso machine for detailed information.

Now, with no delay, lets move to the recipe.

Step 1: Fill the Water Container

Detach the water reservoir and fill it with 4 oz water or more than that if some mishap takes place. Lastly, reattach it.

step 2: Start the Machine

Attach the machine plug to the main switch. Similarly, do the same for an external milk frother. Moreover, make sure the wire is unwinded, and the machine is placed on an even surface. Lastly, switch it on so it goes into preheat mode. The time of preheating depends upon your machine model.

Step 3: Attach the Porta Filter

As per the capacity of your porta filter add coffee grounds to it we will recommend you to add 2 teaspoons of coffee. Do not forget to tamp it with a tamper so that there will be no air in between and it will level the coffee grounds. Now, place the porta filter carefully into the group head.

Step 4: Pull out an Espresso Shot

Place the latte cup below the nozzle and on the drip tray properly. Make sure the cup can accommodate the coffee into it. In an automatic espresso machine you simply have to press the latte preset function and see the espresso maker do its work.

Step 5: Steam the Milk

We know latte requires a good amount of milk therefore you have to get an external milk frother if your espresso machine doesn’t have an inbuilt one. The steam wand or milk frother also requires heat up which will differ according to machines but it won’t be over 2 minutes. Moreover, start the milk frother as soon as you start brewing the espresso shot. 

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For a manual steam wand you have to take at least 100ml full fat milk in the milk container and rotate the steam knob and submerge the nozzle of the wand below the milk surface and keep it still until the desired consistency is achieved. Latte usually requires a microfoam textured milk so do keep a watch at the texture.

Step 6: Make a Cup of Latte

Once your espresso shot is ready. Meanwhile, the frothed milk will be ready to use. For manually making a latte cup, pour the steamed milk slowly in the latte cup, as the ratio of milk is ⅔ in a latte. Fill the latte cup with milk up to the rim. Moreover, make sure there is a thick and bubbly Crema layer on the top.

Step 7: Tips for Making it even better (optional)

You can try to make a latte art with the steamed thick milk. You will get better with practice. Moreover, you can sprinkle some cocoa powder or add some chocolate syrup on top of the Crema layer. Try cinnamon powder too if you want to taste something new.

Step 8: Cleaning the Machine

After enjoying your delicious self made latte cup. Now, it’s time to clean your machine. You should always clean the espresso machine and run a cleaning cycle with water so that no coffee residue remains inside. Check out our article- how to clean an espresso machine for a detailed guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a Latte without an Espresso Machine?

Yes absolutely, you can make a latte without an espresso machine but it may take a long time to master latte making skills. Check out our article on Best Nespresso machines for latte.

How much Espresso is in a Latte?

A latte includes 1 or 2 shots of espresso and ⅔ part quantity of milk.

What is the difference between Latte and Cappuccino?

In a cappuccino you can see 3 distinct layers of espresso, steamed milk and Crema on the top. However, in a latte all 3 are blended together to get the thick consistency.
Check out our cappuccino recipe article- how to make cappuccino with an espresso machine.


So that’s how we make a creamy and delicious cup of latte at home. With minimum ingredients you will be able to make barista style latte at home. Espresso makers can make amazing lattes and many other coffee recipes within minutes. Moreover, they are easy to use and have superb coffee making skills.

Check out our article on best Italian espresso machines of 2021 if you are thinking of buying an espresso machine for making latte. Additionally, if you are new to coffee making check out our article on how to use espresso machine.

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