8 Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers

As we all know, coffee makers are versatile. They provide us with a delicious cup of coffee within minutes. Moreover, they are available in different shapes and sizes. Here we are going to only talk about the best 4 cup coffee makers of 2021 so if you have a small family or you are a bachelor, it’s helpful for you, do read it till last. What makes them more special is, they are compact and fast. 

In this article, we have featured the top 8 best 4 cup coffee makers according to our testings and experiences. Moreover, we have included genuine reviews about these coffee makers so you can get an unbiased opinion.

Furthermore, we have also featured helpful information regarding how to use a coffee maker so you can enjoy your first brew on your own.

At a Glance:

8 Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers

DesignCoffee MakerRetailer
1. Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker
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2. Brentwood Coffee Maker-best portable drip coffee maker
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3. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
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Best Pick4. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee maker
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Staff Pick5. Brentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker
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6. Bonavita 5-Cup Coffee Brewer-best small coffee brewer
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7. BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker
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Budget Pick8. Holstein Housewares HH-0914701E coffee maker
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1. Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker

Why do we love it?

  • This simple brew coffee maker has the simplest design and a single switch for coffee brewing 
  • It is compact in size and has a durable build so you can place it anywhere 
  • Moreover, it features a permanent inbuilt filter so you don’t have to use any other paper filter 

Coming from one of the best coffee manufacturers, Mr. Coffee, this machine won’t disappoint you by any means, be it coffee quality or its build quality everything is up to the mark. Moreover, you can fit it anywhere you require thanks to its compact design.

Also, anyone can operate this easy-to-use coffee maker because it does not include those automatic functions.

Moreover, you don’t have additional paper filters for it because it already includes a removable and reusable filter basket for an easy brewing experience. However, according to our experience, the coffee is not as hot as required so you have to place it in a microwave if you require a super hot coffee shot.

Besides that, it’s a nice small coffee maker with amazing brewing skills.


  • Portable design 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Simple switch 
  • Brews within 5 minutes 


  • Lukewarm coffee
  • The glass carafe is thin 

For people who want to taste the authentic coffee flavor, this Mr coffee pour-over coffee maker is the right choice for you. This black beast can make up to 4 cups of coffee, which is your required amount. Moreover, it has a small yet durable design to keep it strong for years to come.

Besides that, the glass carafe needs to be taken care of because it’s too thin and can break easily if not maintained. 

2. Brentwood Coffee Maker-best portable drip coffee maker

Why do we love it?

  • This 4 cup coffee maker can brew a hot and amazing coffee cup within minutes 
  • Also, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to use for a great working 
  • Moreover, you don’t have to buy paper filters because it has a removable filter basket 

Voted as one of the most loved coffee makers of all time, the Brentwood coffee maker has everything a coffee enthusiast will require to start his or her day. What’s special about this 4 cup coffee maker is its extremely lightweight design of only 2 pounds.

Therefore, you won’t require anyone to help you while shifting or transporting. Also, the exterior is made out of plastic. 

Moreover, you won’t get confused while using this coffee maker as it doesn’t feature confusing features but only a simple switch on/off button. However, because of that, you cannot change the brew’s strength.

Besides that, it does include a reusable metal filter so you don’t have to waste your money on paper filters and can contribute to a better environment.

We would recommend getting this compact coffee maker to anyone searching for a cheap coffee maker because it has a price below $20. Moreover, it will fit in your small kitchen space easily. Moreover, it’s easier to use unlike those expensive coffee makers with complicated features.

However, we noticed that it’s made of plastic so it’s not very durable and you have to clean it properly otherwise the coffee will smell like plastic. 

3. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Why do we love it?

  • It’s a semi-automatic coffee maker by Mr coffee with a small and portable design
  • You can schedule your next brew and get a cup of coffee at the required time
  • Also, it comes with a pause n serve option which lets you get a cup of coffee while the coffee is getting brewed

Want a portable yet programmable coffee maker? Also under $50? If your answer is yes, this Mr coffee programmable coffee maker is the best option to go for with its 4 cup capacity which is ideal for a couple or bachelor.

With this one, you can schedule a cup of coffee according to your preference with its delayed brew function. Also, it will let you know when it’s on or off with its indicator lights.

What the coffee lovers will appreciate the most about this coffee maker is its ability to brew an authentic cup of coffee with a fantastic flavor and aroma. Also, you don’t have to wait until the whole brewing is done, you can choose the pause N serve button to interrupt the machine and get the required amounts of drip coffee. 


  • Programmable functions 
  • Dual water window 
  • Pause and serve feature 
  • Removable filter basket 


  • Very noisy
  • Slow brewing 

If you want to get one of the best coffee makers for under $50, this Mr coffee programmable coffee maker is the right choice for you. As it’s easy to use and doesn’t come with complicated features, anyone starting from small children to the elderly can use it.

Moreover, what we appreciate the most is its compact design which is made to adjust anywhere. Therefore, you can consider this option if you want a semi-automatic coffee maker. 

4. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee maker

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee maker

Best Pick

Why do we love it?

  • This coffee maker has a strong stainless steel, and plastic build which is made to last 
  • Moreover, it comes with a brew pause mode which lets you get coffee while the coffee is getting brewed 
  • Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching in your coffee as the material used is BPA free 

Cuisinart is one of the well-known home appliance brands which comes up with amazing coffee makers. One such example is this 4 cup coffee maker which can brew drip coffee within minutes and without much wastage of grounds.

Also, it has strong stainless steel build except the carafe lid which is somehow fragile. 

Moreover, it’s also one of the best portable coffee makers available with its small footprint you can place it anywhere. Other than that, you can easily clean it by hand as it’s not dishwasher safe. Additionally, it’s impossible to burn it with negligence because it shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Therefore, it’s one of the budget-friendly coffee makers to choose from. 


  • Automatic shutoff after 30 minutes 
  • Fast brewing 
  • Stainless steel, strong carafe 
  • Easy cleanup and operation


  • The plastic lid of the carafe is poorly designed 
  • Does not include a reusable filter 

For people who don’t want to get a super-automatic one but a semi-automatic coffee maker, this Cuisinart coffee maker is perfect for you as it has a single switch to operate and also comes with a durable body.

Moreover, the stainless steel carafe can keep the coffee hot for a longer time. Besides that, you have to get separate paper filters as it doesn’t have a metal filter with them. Therefore, you can definitely think of getting this one. 

5. Brentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Brentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Staff Pick

Why do we love it?

  • Comes with a stylish blue finish for someone who loves having light colors 
  • Also, this 4 cup coffee maker comes with a warming plate which means your coffee will stay hot for a longer time
  • Moreover, the BPA material will never let any poisonous chemical mix with your coffee 

One of the lightest and trendy coffee makers for someone who loves to fill their life with colors. This 4 cup coffee maker by Brentwood is amazing in all aspects, mainly coffee brewing because it provides a coffee with smooth flavor and with no grounds or impurity because of its reusable metal filter.

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However, you can use a paper filter if you are not satisfied with its quality. 

Also, the manufacturers have brought this coffee maker specially for people who love to keep it simple yet efficient. Therefore, it features only a single on/off switch. According to the price, the build quality seems okay, but it’s not that durable.

Hence, if you are someone who is not good at maintaining things, you should go for something highly durable. 


  • Good coffee temperature 
  • Precisely 4 cup capacity
  • Reusable filter included 
  • BPA free material 


  • No auto shut off mode 
  • Full plastic build 

It can be a really nice gift for an anniversary or a birthday party for someone who loves having coffee all day. However, it has a small 4 cup capacity so if there are a number of people; it takes more time. Besides that, the glass carafe is strong and worthy and keeps the coffee warm for a long time.

Hence, it’s one of the best small coffee makers which you can choose to make your life easier. 

6. Bonavita 5-Cup Coffee Brewer-best small coffee brewer

Why do we love it?

  • The carafe and the coffee maker are made of stainless steel which makes them long lasting and corrosion resistant 
  • Furthermore, the shower head design makes sure the extraction is perfect in all aspects 
  • Also, it comes with an auto shutoff feature so it will switch off after use itself. 

Are you a fan of hot coffee? If yes, you would definitely love the Bonavita 5 cup coffee brewer. This pour-over coffee maker maintains the optimal temperature for coffee brewing, which is 195 degrees and keeps it hot for a longer time.

Moreover, you won’t waste your coffee grounds, unlike those other coffee makers who use three times the coffee grounds. 

Also, it’s easier to clean as compared to other high-end coffee makers because of its removable and dishwasher-safe components. You might be thinking about the capacity as it’s a 5 cup coffee maker, but the cup size is not standard and while measuring we found that it’s only slightly greater than 4 cups.

Therefore, it’s on the list. Hence, you can get this coffee maker as it’s one of the best coffee makers for under $100. 


  • Easy to brew functions 
  • Decenter keeps coffee warm 
  • Auto shut off feature 
  • Doesn’t waste coffee 


  • Nonstandard cup size 
  • The carafe is poorly designed 

We would recommend this Bonavita coffee maker to someone with a high budget and a good amount of counter space because it takes a lot of space because of its design. However, it’s actually designed for people who like simple and easy appliances and not super-automatic ones.

Although, you cannot control anything from your brew as it comes with a single button. Besides that, you can definitely think of getting this one or check out other options. 

7. BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Why do we love it?

  • Features the well-known sneak a cup feature which lets the user get coffee as soon as it’s brewed 
  • Moreover, you can remove its filter basket and even hop it into a dishwasher as it is totally safe 
  • Furthermore, you don’t have to guess the water level while brewing as it has a water window 

A nice mini coffee maker, this coffee maker manufactured by black+ decker is one of the top-selling 5 cup coffee makers as it is semi-automatic and has a good black finish. Moreover, unlike other coffee makers, it comes with a lighted switch which makes sure you never leave it on.

Also, keep you safe from mishaps. Furthermore, it’s a great option for couples with its 5 cup capacity. 

Whenever getting a coffee maker, always get one that can keep the coffee hot for a long time and that’s what this 5 cup coffee maker does as long as you keep it on. Moreover, you can simply toss the removable filter basket in the dishwasher as it’s safe to do so. 


  • Keeps coffee warm 
  • Removable parts 
  • Can fit anywhere easily 
  • Marked water reservoir 


  • Thin glass carafe
  • Build quality is not good

Want a coffee maker under $30? Try this BLACK+DECKER 5 cup coffee maker which brews premium drip quality within minutes. Moreover, during trials, we were delighted to have a balanced and flavored coffee within minutes. Also, it’s a small machine so you can place it anywhere.

However, the build quality is not so good and you should take good care of it if you buy one. Other than that, it’s great to have one with you. 

8. Holstein Housewares HH-0914701E coffee maker

Holstein Housewares HH-0914701E coffee maker

Budget Pick

Why do we love it?

  • It comes with a pause and serve feature which lets you have coffee even though the brewing has not finished
  • Moreover, it has an attractive design which will be a nice gift for someone who loves having colors in their life 
  • Also, it has a simple user interface which makes sure everyone can use this coffee maker easily 
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With an attractive design, this 5 cup coffee maker is awesome in every way. You can have your favorite coffee in 5 minutes, moreover, it has a single operation button to brew coffee and to keep you away from confusion.

Moreover, they have provided an equally attractive and strong glass carafe that will let you know the levels of your brewed coffee. Moreover, you can also pause it and get coffee even if the brewing has not completed. 

What makes it more special is it’s compact and weighs only 2.2 pounds, which makes it perfect for long trips. Moreover, the 5 cup capacity is a great option to go for a couple or bachelor. Hence, you should definitely get this amazing and stylish coffee maker. 


  • Takes less counter space 
  • Stylish looks 
  • Price under $20 
  • Quite and speedy work 


  • The build is not up to the mark 
  • Water capacity is not as specified 

The last yet one of the best coffee makers in terms of coffee brewing. This coffee maker is a great option for a small number of people. Moreover, if maintained properly, it can stay as long as 5 years which is an excellent choice as compared to its price range.

However, its attractive build is not strong enough and has some faults like the material quality and carafe design. Besides that, it’s a nice option to go for at such a cheap price. 

How to use a pour over coffee maker ?

Pour-over coffee makers are easier to use than any other machine in this world. Moreover, they provide you with an instant cafe-style coffee shot within minutes. Here we have given some easy steps to use a pour-over coffee maker so even if you are a beginner you can easily operate it. 

  • First of all, make sure the coffee maker is clean from inside as well as outside and then only proceed to further steps 
  • Step 1:
    Fill the water carafe with filtered water up to its max capacity and fill the water into the water reservoir of the coffee maker by opening the lid of the coffee maker. 
  • Step 2:
    If you have pre grounds, use one teaspoon of coffee grounds for 1 cup similarly 4 teaspoons for 4 cups of coffee. Moreover, make sure the coffee is of coarse grind.
  • Step 3:
    Place a paper filter on the filter basket. Moreover, if your coffee machine comes with a metallic mesh filter, it’s better to go with that. Now, add the coffee grounds to the filter carefully. 
  • Step 4:
    Once your coffee maker is ready to brew, plug it into the mains and start the coffeemaker. There will be a small on-off switch if you have a simple one. Moreover, if you have an automatic coffee maker, you can choose the coffee strength, size, and many more. 
  • Step 5:
    You have to wait for at least 5 minutes until the coffee is getting brewed. Moreover, if your machine has the pause and pours feature, you can select it and get a cup of coffee before resuming brewing. However, the brewing time differs from machine to machine, so do check your coffee machine’s user manual for the exact time. 
  • Step 6:
    Take out the carafe beneath the outlet and serve the coffee immediately. You can serve it in a cup with some steamed milk to enhance its taste. 
  • Step 7:
    Now, that you have enjoyed a cup of homemade coffee, clean the coffee maker by removing the used coffee grounds and running a brewing cycle through it. Moreover, wipe the drip tray and coffee outlet with a damp cloth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I run vinegar through my coffee maker?

Yes, you can run vinegar through your coffee maker as it will help you keep the microbes away and keep the machine clean. Moreover, it will remove coffee residue too. 

How do I choose a coffee maker?

You should get a coffee maker depending on your daily coffee requirements, coffee extraction, and budget. Also, make sure the build quality of the coffee maker is good. 

What is the best 4 cup drip coffee maker in the market?

We would recommend you to get the BLACK+DECKER CM0700B 5-Cup Coffee Maker as it’s a small coffee maker with exceptional coffee brewing skills. Moreover, it’s easy to use and clean. 

What kind of coffee grind should I use in a coffee maker?

You should use a medium-coarse grind and place it into a paper filter into the filter basket of a coffee maker. 


Now, you might have a better idea about which coffee maker to get. We would like it if you get one of these coffee makers as we have tested them and personal use them at our home. Besides that, some of them might have some unpleasant aspects but depending on their price they are worth it.

However, the coffee quality is not at all compromised and all of these 4 cup coffee makers provide the best and premium quality coffee in minutes. You can also check out our article on the best pour-over coffee makers of 2021 for more options. 

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