5 Best Coffee Makers under $50 in 2024

People searching for the best yet cheapest coffee makers, we have something you would love. You might have searched a lot for the best inexpensive coffee maker but of no use.

Therefore, we have brought before you this list of top 5 best coffee makers under $50 which you can use on your own or gift it to someone who loves coffee.

All of these coffee makers are handpicked and won’t disappoint you in terms of coffee brewing or any other thing. 

Having a coffee brewer at your home will make your life even easier as you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on a mere coffee cup.

Moreover, a coffee brewer takes less than 5 minutes to brew a cup of drip coffee. In this article we have featured the top 5 best coffee makers under $50 which we have tested and some of them are our personal favorite.

We are damn sure you would definitely like them.

At a Glance:

Top 5 Best Coffee Makers under $50 

DesignCoffee MakerRetailer
Best Pick1.Black+Decker DLX1050B Programmable Coffee maker
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2. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemake
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Staff Pick3. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
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Budget Pick4. SHARDOR Drip Coffee Maker-best cheap coffee maker
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5. Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker
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1.Black+Decker DLX1050B Programmable Coffee maker

Best Pick

Why do we love it?

  • It’s a programmable coffee maker which means you schedule a cup of coffee for next day
  • Moreover, it’s a perfect gift for someone who loves having coffee and you have a limited budget 
  • Lastly, even if you keep it switched on, it will turn off automatically after 2 hours, so it doesn’t get burnt

Why waste the opportunity when you have the option to get the best automatic coffee maker under $50? This cheap yet worthy coffee maker can brew an amazing quality coffee within minutes.

Moreover, it comes with the exclusive sneak a cup feature which lets you have coffee while the coffee is getting brewed. Also, you can schedule your cup of coffee within 24 hours with its delay brew function. 

Additionally, the 12 cup water capacity is ideal for a small family or a group of coffee lovers living together. You will never run out of water while brewing coffee as it comes with a water window.

Lastly, comes from a very trusted brand when it comes to coffee makers so you should get it if you want the best of all.


  • Affordable price 
  • Programmable functions 
  • Delay brew function
  • The carafe doesn’t spill coffee


  • Cannot change coffee strength 
  • Water level is hard to read 

There are many pros in this machine which overshadow its cons. We will first talk about the pros which are amazing at such a cheap price range such as the optimal brewing temperature, programmable automatic functions, exceptional brewing abilities and many more.

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However, the only con to say is you cannot decide the coffee strength therefore, you can get a single coffee strength with this one. However, going by its price, it has pleasant features. 

2. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemake

Why do we love it?

  • A mini 4 cup coffee maker for a bachelor or couple who loves having drip coffee 
  • It comes with a nice stainless steel carafe which keeps the coffee warm for a longer time
  • Also, it does contain plastic but its BPA free so no need to worry about that 

Unlike other coffee makers, the Cuisinart coffee maker is a great one when it comes to coffee brewing. Also, never judge it on its price or capacity because it deserves a lot more than that.

Moreover, its compact size and ability to fit anywhere is what should be appreciated. Although, its capacity is only 4 cups which is not an ideal one for a big family. 

Besides that, it really brews fast, as per our experience, it can brew up to 4 cups of coffee within 5 minutes.

Therefore, you can brew for a big family also but within different batches. Moreover, unlike other coffee maker’s glass carafe, its stainless steel carafe will let you enjoy a hot cup of coffee even after an hour of brewing it.


  • Fast brewing 
  • Cheap coffee maker 
  • Stainless steel carafe 
  • Easy to use functions


  • Carafe design is weird 
  • Not for big families 

We would recommend this coffee maker by Cuisinart to anyone who wants to keep it simple with no automatic buttons or anything but only a single switch on/off button.

Moreover, its price is under $40, which makes it even more amazing.

However, if you are looking for a coffee maker for a big family, it’s not for you because of its 4 cup capacity and we don’t think it can handle too much coffee brewing at a time. 

3. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Staff Pick

Why do we love it?

  • This coffee maker comes with a nice black and blue finish which makes it an eye-catcher 
  • Similarly, it weighs only 2.4 pounds so you can carry it around during your trips or shifting 
  • Moreover, the strong glass carafe lets you check the status of brewing and you can also pause the brewing 

One of the most appealing coffee makers of all times, this Mr coffee 4 cup coffee maker is incredibly smooth working.

Moreover, when it comes to coffee making, it’s exceptionally good at keeping the coffee warm for a longer time and providing an amazing and smooth flavored coffee. Also, it comes with an energy saving function that shuts off the machine after some time of inactivity. 

Like other programmable coffee makers, this one can also delay brew and serve you a cup of coffee whenever you require it.

However, we found out that, after a month, it makes a lot of noise and can wake up someone who is asleep. Therefore, do think of it before buying, if you are fine with it go for it. 


  • Shuts off automatically 
  • Convenient to carry 
  • Keeps carafe warm for long 
  • Perfect for bachelors 


  • It’s very loud 
  • Water reservoir is difficult to fill 

Mr coffee has a good brand name, but we would say the coffee machines are a bit expensive as compared to other brands. However, the build and coffee quality is exceptional but it can make only 4 cups of coffee so only get this coffee maker if you are a bachelor or a couple.

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Besides that, it’s really loud while brewing and that’s the only problem we have with it. Otherwise, under $50 it’s a really good one. 

4. SHARDOR Drip Coffee Maker-best cheap coffee maker

Budget Pick

Why do we love it?

  • The 15 cup coffee carafe featured with this coffee maker can keep the coffee warm for two hours 
  • Moreover, it comes with a reusable mesh filter and removable filter basket, which makes it easier to clean it
  • Similarly, whenever not in use, it goes in standby mode so it never wastes energy 

One of the best cheap programmable coffee makers, the SHARDOR drip coffee brewer is what you will need if you want to get a fully premium coffee experience at home.

With this coffee maker, you can brew 12 cups of coffee in one go and that too with your preferred coffee strength. Also, it doesn’t let the coffee drip while pouring like other coffee makers.

The special thing about this coffee maker is its ability to program a cup of coffee so you can enjoy it whenever you want. However, it’s only for 24 hours.

Besides that, it can really make a good cup of coffee and also uses reusable mesh filters so you don’t have to spend on those coffee filters ever again. 


  • Shuts off after 2 hours of inactivity
  • Small footprint 
  • Includes reusable filter 
  • Coffee has a nice flavor 


  • No audible notifications 
  • Takes long time to brew

Making 12 cups of coffee will take a longer time and that’s the only con this coffee maker has. Besides that it’s amazing in all aspects such as build quality, coffee brewing with different strengths, easy user interface and many more.

Also, it’s compact and can be kept anywhere. Hence, we would recommend this coffee maker to anyone with a big family because of its water capacity and high coffee brewing skills. 

5. Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Why do we love it?

  • You can easily select the brew strength of your coffee cup as it features a regular and bold flavor 
  • Moreover, the material is plastic but its BPA free so no need to worry about those harmful chemicals 
  • You can set a timer to get your next coffee cup within 24 hours with its delay brew function 

Want a premium looking and working coffee maker under $50? Don’t worry! Here we are with our last yet best coffee maker under $50, which has every best feature you can get at this price range.

With this coffee maker, you will be provided with a strong glass carafe with a metal base so the coffee doesn’t get cold quickly. Also, the inbuilt water reservoir with a water level window makes it easier to fill it without making any mess. 

Moreover, it also comes with an inbuilt mesh coffee filter so you will never look back at those paper coffee filters.

Also, it’s removable and easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the coffee maker. Therefore, you can think about getting this one as it’s worth every penny. 

One of the best and last drip coffee makers in this list the ultra coffee maker can offer you everything starting from different brew strengths, automatic shutoff feature, delay brew and many more.

Also, it comes with a compact and sleek design so you can store it anywhere. However, the big glass carafe is hard to clean, which can be a big mess. Besides that, you can go for it as the pros outnumber its cons. 

How to clean a coffee maker?

A coffee maker is one of the most used home appliances. Therefore, it’s our duty to keep it clean. Moreover, maintain it so it will last for a longer time. Here we have given some simple steps you should follow to clean your coffee maker for a great tasting coffee. 
For cleaning your coffee machine you will require the following items- vinegar, water, coffee maker

  • Step 1:
    Take equal amounts of white vinegar and water. It’s up to your coffee maker capacity and the buildup which is caused in your coffee maker. Furthermore, pour the solution into the coffee maker’s water reservoir. 
  • Step 2:
    Place the coffee carafe beneath the coffee outlet, place a paper filter or mesh filter in the filter basket and plug the coffee maker in the mains and switch it on.
  • Step 3:
    Run a brewing cycle until the carafe is full. Moreover, let the carafe sit idle with the solution in it. This step makes sure the scaling inside the carafe will get removed. You can keep it for an hour and then rinse it 
  • Step 4:
    Once again, take only water and run a brewing cycle. Also, do not forget to keep the carafe idle for some time with the water into it. It will make sure the chemical smell will not reside for a long time. 
  • Step 5:
    Now that you have cleaned your coffee maker internally, clean it from outside with the help of a damp cloth and keep it moisture free and that’s how you clean a coffee maker

Frequently Asked Questions

Do coffee makers make a difference in taste?

Yes, of course, the coffee makers make a lot of difference in flavor and aroma because the brewing method and build is different. Therefore, you should get the best coffee maker according to your budget. 

What is the best coffee maker under $50?

All of these coffee makers are the best of all. However, we would recommend you to get Black+Decker DLX1050B if you have a small family. Moreover, if you are a bachelor, Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker will be the best. 

How often should you replace a coffee maker?

It’s better if you use a coffee maker only for 6 to 7 years if they stay because the coffee consistency decreases and the material quality also deteriorates. Therefore, it’s great to replace a coffee maker after 6 years. 

Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

Yes, they are and will be but sometimes, it does happen that the expensive ones are overpriced and you can get the same set of features in a cheap coffee maker. Therefore, you should get a coffee maker based on its performance and not its price. 


Coffee makers are great because they help us in brewing coffee within minutes and that too with an excellent taste. Therefore, everyone should get a coffee maker.

Moreover, they are available in a wide price range so everyone can afford them. In this article, we featured the top 5 best coffee makers under $50 so anyone with a limited budget can get a good quality coffee maker.

We hope that you have liked our article and would get one of these coffee makers to make your life easier. 

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