5 Best Commercial Espresso Machines 2024

With the increasing popularity of coffee there are many young coffee enthusiasts in this world who might be thinking of having their own coffee shop or a small cafe. With that in mind, here we present to you this article with our top 5 best commercial espresso machines of 2022 so that you can make the right choice for a successful commercial coffee business. 

There are many espresso machines from different brands with different functionality so there is a chance that you might get confused while choosing one. Commercial espresso machines have a varied price range with many features so make sure you get the best deal.

However, they are highly expensive, so if you don’t want to invest in a chief end espresso machine, we would suggest you check out our article on best prosumer espresso machines of 2022.

Best Commercial Espresso Machines

DesignEspresso MachineRetailer
1. La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R 2-Group
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2. La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-R Commercial
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3. Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric
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4. Barista Express Espresso Machine
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5. De'Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine
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1. La Pavoni Bar-Star 2V-R 2-Group

Why we love it

  • Includes a special water softener to reduce the hardness of water.
  • It has two steam wands and two coffee outlets so that you can work faster.
  • Comes with preset coffee functions which can be programmed.

A compact espresso machine with superb espresso brewing skills is what every coffee maker looks for while getting an espresso machine. One such model is this one manufactured by La Pavoni, popular amongst baristas for its outstanding brewing skills and multiple functions. Moreover, the red color makes it look vibrant.

Additionally, you will be provided with a water filter and softener so that the machine lasts longer than other machines. Moreover, the doses can be programmed as per your preferences for an automatic operation. Besides that, the automatic water level controlled works perfectly. Lastly, the two group heads and brewing heads will be really beneficial during a fully occupied cafe. 


  • Small 
  • Telescopic side handles
  • Inbuilt water softener 
  • 4 different cup sizes


  • Expensive
  • Requires high maintenance

Get this smaller espresso machine with the same high end features if you have lesser space at your cafe. The fast actions and premium espresso extraction are enough to make it the best. Moreover, the shiny finish makes it look better. Comparatively, it is expensive for a small commercial espresso machine and also requires high maintenance so do consider this option. 

2. La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-R Commercial

Why we love it

  • This machine comes with an extra large 14 litres water container for a good business during crowded hours
  • The double scale gauge lets you control the boiler and pump pressure manually
  • Moreover, it has two flexible steam wands for making delicious and velvety steamed milk. 

This full sized commercial espresso machine will be the perfect choice for a high-end cafe. It comes with a 14 litres water capacity capable of brewing 1000 espresso shots in one go. Moreover, the two group heads and steam wands will make sure your customers are happy with your fast service. Also, the electric internal pump helps in extracting the right flavor from the coffee grounds. 

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Besides that, you will also get a copper boiler with transversal heat exchangers for a fast heat up. What makes this espresso machine special is its vertical infusion chamber for a better extraction. Lastly, it is available in two colors, namely black with a stylish design. 


  • Two steam wands
  • Large 14 litres capacity
  • Electrical fast heat up
  • Electronic water level control


  • Pretty Slow
  • Confusing buttons

This top end commercial espresso machine manufactured by La Pavoni will work best for a busy coffee shop. The water capacity is ideal for fulfilling the needs of many customers at a time.

Also, its heat up time is much faster as compared to other espresso machines due to its transversal heat exchangers. However, it is quite slow while brewing a cup of espresso and also has numerous buttons which can be confusing for new users.

3. Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric

Why we love it

  • This amazing commercial espresso machine comes with an easy to use automatic button interface. 
  • Moreover, the classic stainless steel build and finish makes it corrosion resistant and look classy
  • Two coffee outlets and cool touch steam wands will make it easier for handling numerous customers.

Nuova Simonelli is a trusted brand among commercial espresso makers for manufacturing versatile commercial espresso machines. One such nice model is this one with a durable build for long-lasting life and a large water boiler of 11 litres. Moreover, there is also an integrated water filter and softener which helps in maintaining the quality of espresso shots.

Additionally, with this machine you will get a warranty of 1 year and free installation by your supplier itself. Also, there are two coffee outlets and two cool touch steam wands for a better operation. However, these machines are highly expensive and need high maintenance, so make sure you handle them with care.


  • Automatic espresso machine
  • Includes free installation 
  • Water filter and softener 
  • Easy to use button interface


  • Hard to clean
  • Less capacity

We would like to recommend this espresso machine to anyone with a small coffee business. All the features such as number of steam wands and group head, programmable coffee functions make it the best.

However, the water capacity is a bit lower than other espresso machines, which are 11 litres so it can brew fewer shots as compared to other espresso machines but trust us, the espresso quality is high. Therefore, definitely get this one if you want to run a successful coffee business.

4. Barista Express Espresso Machine

Why we love it 

  • Features an inbuilt conical coffee bean grinder with a dial to control grind size 
  • The inbuilt steam wand has a great mobility and starts working within a minute 
  • Can make mouthwatering espressos and other coffee recipes within minutes.

A small and cheaper commercial espresso machine as compared to other ones in the list. This breville manufactured espresso maker is perfect for home use as well as commercial use. It has also been featured in our list of best prosumer espresso machines of 2021. What makes it special is its powerful pressure pump which extracts the right flavors and aroma out of your coffee grounds.

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Additionally, a nice and efficient coffee grinder is great at such a good price range. Moreover, it comes with different grind sizes which can be changed with a dial. Additionally, you don’t have to buy an external milk frother because it features an attached steam want for making lattes and cappuccinos within minutes


  • Easy to understand controls 
  • Attached steam wand 
  • Self cleaning functions 
  • Inbuilt coffee grinder 


  • Expensive
  • small

Breville never disappoints us with its powerful espresso machines. One such commercial espresso machine is this Breville BES870XL with its amazing looks and many additional features. The coffee bean grinder can work with any type of coffee weans you wish to use.

Moreover, the attached steam wand also gives a powerful performance and microfoam textured milk. Therefore, you should definitely get this espresso machine if you want a small but booming coffee business. 

5. De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

Why we love it

  • Available in three different and trendy colors to match your cafe color scheme
  • Will work best for commercial coffee business with all high-end features and good build quality
  • Dual heating system that lets you control temperature of espresso and milk simultaneously

Including all the high-end features and stylish looks, this DeLonghi espresso machine is also available in three trendy color options to match the color scheme of your kitchen or cafe. Additionally, it comes with an integrated coffee grinder with sensors which lets you know when the machine runs out of beans while grinding. Moreover, the dual heating system can control the temperature of coffee and milk independently.

The advanced latte system used in this model includes an attached steam wand with good mobility which offers a smooth and microfoam texture to the milk, perfect for making latte art. Lastly, a warranty of 3 years is more than enough for a machine to be the best.


  • Grinder works perfectly
  • Worth the price
  • Two independent heating systems
  • Inbuilt milk frother


  • Big in size
  • expensive

The Specialista is such a nice option to go for with all its premium espresso making skills and semi-automatic features. Many commercial coffee businesses use specialista for making amazing espresso shots and they are happy with their purchases.

The dual heating system, hot water spout, coffee bean grinder with sensor is what makes it special among all these listed machines. Therefore, you can consider this option if you are thinking of starting a commercial coffee business or searching for a new espresso maker.

Buying Guide for Commercial Espresso Machines 

In this article we have listed the top 4 best commercial espresso machines of 2021 but how will you choose which one will be the best for you? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here we will be discussing the most important parameters you should consider while buying a commercial espresso machine. 


Budget is the most important factor you should look for while getting an espresso machine. Depending on the machine’s build quality, espresso quality, brand and additional features, the price varies. The price range of commercial espresso machines varies from $2000-$40,000.

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Types of commercial espresso machines 

There are mainly 3 types of espresso machines which you should consider depending on your coffee business. These three different types offer different espresso qualities and functionality 

  • Manual espresso machines 
    These machines operate on a lever mechanism and the barista has full control on the espresso shot. Manual espresso machines are quite hard to use and slow as compared to automatic espresso machines. However, these machines provide a better espresso taste and Crema so it’s up to you if you want a manual espresso machine.
  • Semi- automatic espresso machines 
    While operating a semi-automatic espresso machine, the barista doesn’t have to do much work. They simply have to press some buttons and control the flow of coffee. These machines are easy to use, brew good quality espresso and mostly come under a good price range.
  • Super automatic espresso machines 
    Super automatic espresso machines are the easiest to use. The user has to press a single button, and the coffee gets brewed automatically. The preset functions which are programmable help these machines for easy work. 


By capacity we mean the number of people your cafe or coffee shop will be having. Depending on your customers, you will need the perfect boiler capacity, number of group heads, steam wands etc. therefore, make sure you do a detailed analysis before getting an espresso machine for your business. 

Additional features design

As the additional features increase, the price also goes on increasing. There are many additional features you should definitely look for in a commercial espresso maker for easy work. Cool touch steam wands, LED lights, design, color of the machine etc are included in additional features. These features help the barista in making a good cup of coffee with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a commercial espresso machine last?

On average, a commercial espresso machine lasts for 5 to 15 years. Good maintenance and cleaning plays a major role in the lifespan of an espresso machine. Therefore, make sure you clean your espresso machine frequently. 

How often should a commercial espresso machine be cleaned?

A commercial espresso machine should be cleaned after every 200 shots. Moreover, the machine should be descaled every 2 months for better functionality. Check out our article on how to clean an espresso machine for a detailed guide. 

What are different types of commercial espresso machines?

Mainly, there are three different types of commercial espresso machines namely: manual espresso machines, semi-automatic espresso machines, and super-automatic espresso machines. 

How much does a commercial espresso machine cost?

There is a large variety of commercial espresso machines available. The price range of commercial espresso machines varies from $2000 to $40,000. The cost depends on the build quality, brand and many other features.


Commercial Espresso machines have made coffee brewing easier. Moreover, the delicious taste and distinct aroma cannot be extracted manually, you will definitely require an espresso machine for it. Well, we have made your task easier by listing the top 5 best commercial espresso machines for you.

Moreover, we have also added a buying guide and made it even easier. Now, you can easily start a commercial coffee business with a good start. You can also check out our article on top 8 best Italian espresso machines of 2021 for cheaper and domestic espresso machines.

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