How to Clean an Espresso Machine [Step by Step Guide]

Espresso machines have made the lives of coffee lovers. They are easy to use with great functionality and larger lifespans. But it is important to clean and maintain them nicely for a consistent coffee quality and good functionality.

Cleaning an espresso machine is an easy to do task be it manual or fully automatic. Manual espresso makers may require some time but super automatic espresso machines have automatic cleaning and descaling functions.

A clean espresso machine is essential before using it because there may be bacteria and mold present inside it if it hasn’t been used for a while. Therefore, in this article we will discuss how to clean and maintain an espresso machine.

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How to Clean an Espresso Machine

Here are some steps you should follow to clean and maintain your espresso machine.

Let’s get started with the major part of the topic, which is how to clean an espresso machine.

Step 1

make sure the water container is at least half filled before starting. Turn on the machine by plugging it into mains.

step 2

eplace the current porta filter basket with a blind basket and add the amount of espresso machine cleaner specified on it.

Step 3

carefully attach the porta filter to the group head and run a brewing cycle. You have to press the espresso machine to start the cycle. Moreover, place a water container to collect the residue water.

Step 4

repeat step number 2 and 3 at least 2 times for better results. Additionally, do not forget to add the espresso machine cleaner in the porta filter.

Step 5

now, that your machine is cleaned from inside, once again run a cleaning cycle with only water so that the chemicals get flushed out.

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Step 6

clean the group head with a small brush so that the coffee residue and oils will be cleaned. Before that do not forget to remove the porta filter.

Step 7

take some water in a container and add some espresso machine cleaner. Start the steam wand with its nozzle submerged in the water solution. Moreover, repeat the same step but now with only water.

Step 8

now, take the used portafilter and baskets and submerge them in boiling water for some time while adding some cleaning agent to it. Let them be there for 10-15 minutes. Lastly, take them out and wipe them dry with a clean cloth

Step 9

take a damp clean cloth and wipe the removed parts dry. Furthermore, reattach them to the machine. Also, make sure there is no moisture left inside the machine.

Descaling an espresso machine

Due to the minerals in water, a buildup gets formed inside these machines which can ruin the taste of your espresso if not cleaned on time. Moreover, the lifespan of your machine will decrease. Descaling is a process of removing the buildup by using a descaling solution. Descale your espresso maker every 2 months for better functionality. 

Now, let’s move to some easy steps which will help you in descaling your espresso maker.

Step 1

make a descaling solution by adding the descaling agent sachet in water quantity which will be specified on the descaling agent. Keep the solution idle for at least 10-15 minutes. You can get a descaling agent easily at your nearby store.

Step 2

place a water container big enough to collect the residue on the drip tray and below the nozzle. Make sure you have placed the espresso maker on an even surface.

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Step 3

turn on the espresso machine similar to what you do while brewing an espresso shot. 

Step 4

pour the descaling solution in the water container and attach the porta filter with a blind basket. Turn on the machine by pressing the espresso button.

Step 5

now you can see the water pouring out of your espresso machine with all the residue accumulated inside. Repeat the process once again as it will remove more residue.

Step 6

Lastly, pour the used descaling solution down your sink and repeat a cleaning cycle again but this time with water. This step will make sure there is no chemical residue and odor left in your espresso machine.

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Maintenance tips

Maintaining an espresso machine or any other appliance is as important as using it because it may increase the lifespan of your machine, look nice and will be in excellent condition so, for a better functioning and consistent coffee quality you should maintain your espresso machine carefully.

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your espresso machine which will help you in near future.

  • Clean your espresso machine daily. By saying so we are talking about washing the water container, drip tray, milk frother, porta filter and cleaning the group head so there is no coffee residue left.
  • Run a cleaning cycle with only water after each brew. It makes sure that there is no coffee residue left inside.
  • Keep your machine moisture free. Do not forget to wipe out the parts dry before reassembling them or they may grow bacteria and molds.
  • We advise you to descale your espresso machine every 2 months for a better functionality and longer lifespan.
  • Wipe the exterior of the machine daily with a clean dry damp cloth for better look.
  • We prefer using filtered water instead of hard tap water for making coffee as it has no minerals which can cause scaling inside the machine and you will require less descaling.
  • Remove the used coffee grounds as soon as possible and clean the porta filter and baskets with tap water.
  • We do not advise it to use any homemade descaling solution as they may damage the internal parts of the machine but if you have no other choice, use it at your own risk.
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So, that’s how we clean and maintain our espresso machine for its better functionality and longer lifespan. You can use your own methods for cleaning your machine but these steps are the basics for anyone who is new to coffee making.

In this article we have covered every step you should follow for the betterment of your machine. Not cleaning an espresso machine has an impact on its espresso quality. Hence, make sure you clean and descale your machine frequently. 

Coffee machines have become a necessity for working people as they provide many different options to choose from and caffeine helps in giving their body an instant shot of energy.

But cleaning is as important as using, not only an espresso machine but also other machines so take some time out of your busy schedule and clean your espresso machine frequently as it will give you better results.

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