How to use Nespresso Machine [10 Easy Steps]

Many times it happens that you have little time to make the perfect cup of coffee with the authentic espresso taste and aroma, moreover the foamy milk Crema on the top. That’s when the Nespresso coffee machines come to your help to make your life easier so that you can enjoy your favourite cup of coffee in the sleepy mornings with no extra hard work.

Using a nespresso coffee machine is an effortless task to do. You can save some of your hard earned money and time. Moreover, they provide you with a variety of beverages with a single click. The coffee capsules don’t let your coffee lose its aroma and flavour and also help you to make only a single cup so your coffee won’t get wasted.

Nespresso machines come in a lot of varieties, price range and sizes each with some special features included.

 Moreover, cleaning this machine is one of the easiest task, many nespresso machines have a special self cleaning function which is super easy to use and more than that a detector that can detect when your machine needs descaling.

Basically, every nespresso machine has components.

Step by Step Guide on How to use a Nespresso Machine

1. Filling water in the container

 Rinse out the water container before filling it with fresh water. Next, fill the water container with as much water as you will require for the number of servings you will make, ideally fill more than half so that you won’t run out of water while making your favourite coffee. And reattach the water container to the machine.

2. Turn on the machine

This step may vary from machine to machine as there are different modes for different machines 

Press one of those buttons on the top of the machine until they all start blinking, now the machine is in preheat mode. That’s how you switch on the machine.

3. Keep your coffee mug on the front drip tray

Place the proper size of cup you wish to have in front on the drip tray below the outlet. If it’s an adjustable tray, adjust it properly before placing a coffee cup on it.

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Be sure that your coffee machine is on an even surface or the cup may fall while making coffee because some machines are really noisy and vibrate while working.

4. Insert the coffee capsule

Choose the coffee capsule of your choice additionally, you may also refer to the capsule chart for choosing one. Many machines have a lever to pull up so that you can insert the coffee capsule in it and others have a detachable opening. Now place the coffee capsule at its place, you can also refer to the user manual to see the direction of the coffee capsule.

5. Select the cup size

At this step you will choose the coffee size and the coffee you prefer.

Press the button for your required coffee such as espresso, lungo, cappuccino etc. you can see the buttons on the top of the machine. Now within seconds you will see coffee getting poured in your coffee mug 

6. Milk frother 

If your nespresso machine has an inbuilt machine or you have on externally then pour the required quantity of whole milk (we should use whole milk as it provides a good texture and thickness to the Crema layer)

Start the machine side by side with the nespresso machine.

7. Remove the coffee capsule 

It is a good practice to keep your nespresso machine clean and moisture free therefore open the capsule container and discard the used coffee capsule immediately after using. In the OriginalLine machines pull the lever up and again down so that your coffee capsule gets discarded similarly, in the VertuoLine detach the head of the capsule slot and the capsule is released.

8. Turn off the machine 

All the nespresso machines available include an auto shutdown program which turns off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity. So no need to shut it down manually just take your coffee cup and enjoy its taste.

9. Preparing a cup 

If your coffee recipe includes milk in it, then use the previously frothed milk if you have an external milk frother simply pour the thick milk into the coffee cup or an inbuilt milk frother will do it for you within a single touch   

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10. Clean your machine

It is a good practice to clean your coffee machine immediately after use. Clean the water container, drip tray, milk frother, capsule container as the moisture may attract bacteria. Moreover, wipe down the exterior too.

Programming the machine 

As said earlier, using a nespresso machine is an easy-to-use appliance within its lots of features comes a feature that personalizes your coffee machine and programs the machine for more personalized coffee experience 

The nespresso coffee machine can be programmed to serve the cup size you wish for and also the type of coffee you prefer the smart nespresso machines can remember your preference for example, if you have 10 lattes previously and one cappuccino then if you start your machine it will provide you with latte because it remembers your choices.

Programming the machine for coffee size is an easy to do task. You will get this feature only in VertuoLine models, as they have many more additional features 

When you choose the coffee type and cup size, press the button for example espresso for a longer time with consistent pressure on it until the coffee cup gets filled to your desired size. That’s how you program your nespresso machine so that it can serve you the perfect size of coffee you prefer.

Maintenance tips

Maintaining a nespresso machine or any other appliance is as important as using it because it may increase the lifespan of your machine, look nice and will be in good condition so, for a better functioning and consistent coffee quality you should maintain your nespresso machine carefully 

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your nespresso coffee machine which will help you in near future 

  • Clean your coffee machine daily. By saying that we mean washing the water container, drip tray, milk frother, capsule slot, capsule container daily.
  • You can clean the machine internally too, by starting the cleaning cycle with water daily this will ensure that your machine has no coffee residue left inside
  • Keep your machine moisture free. Do not forget to wipe out the parts dry before reassembling them
  • We advise you to descale your machine every 3 months for a better functioning and longer life 
  • Do not use any homemade descaling solution inside your machine as it may harm the interior parts 
  • Wipe the exterior of the machine daily with a clean dry damp cloth
  • Remove the used coffee capsules daily from the capsule container as it may attract bacteria 
  • We prefer using filtered water instead of hard tap water for making coffee as it has no minerals which can cause scaling inside the machine 
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That’s how you use and maintain a Nespresso coffee machine easily; within seconds it will serve your preferred coffee to you with a single touch many high-end machines also include a feature that lets you control your device through your mobile phones with an app. With such user-friendly features and compact sizes, they are popular among masses.

 Making coffee manually is hard as you need the right temperature of water and coffee grind etc. That is when Nespresso machines come to use. If you are a commercial coffee maker or plan to be one, the nespresso machine will be an excellent investment, as it has the ability to provide authentic tasty coffee with its special aroma. And the plus point is it can be easily cleaned and maintained without any special efforts simply taking out some time from your busy schedule for your beloved Nespresso coffee machine.  

If you are a coffee enthusiast with no time for visiting cafes and don’t want to spend your hard earned money on an overpriced coffee cup, then you should definitely give this machine a try. It may be expensive, but it is a good investment in the long run.

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