Cappuccino VS latte – Which’s the Best Taste?

Lattes are known worldwide for their creamier and amazing taste so are the cappuccinos known for their distinct aroma and caffeine shot they offer.

In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between these two coffee beverages and have a detailed comparison between Cappuccino VS Latte.

As a coffee enthusiasts, we know many rare things about coffees, including their origin and making. Therefore, we will be happy to share our knowledge with you if you have no idea what they are. Now, let’s move towards the major topic. 

Cappuccino VS latte 

First of all, we will learn about what they actually mean and how they are brewed and then know the difference between them.

What is a cappuccino?

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink which is not only famous in its home country but also in the whole world. People love the taste of espresso and milk together.

A cappuccino cup is usually made of a double espresso shot, some steamed milk and a big layer of milk foam. What makes it more special is all the three layers have a ratio of 1:1:1 and they can be seen distinctly.

Moreover, it is topped with some cinnamon and cocoa powder to enhance the taste. 

Benefits of having a cappuccino 

  • Tastes sweet with a pinch of bitterness, which gives a great taste and aroma 
  • Thick Crema consistency for people who love creamy and thicker milk froth 
  • Studies have also shown that having a cappuccino every day in moderation can reduce heart problems
  •  The high caffeine content will provide an instant energy with fewer calories
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Side effects of having a cappuccino 

  • If not taken in moderation, the cappuccino can have a serious toll on your heart health. 
  • May lead to insomnia or lack of sleep if taken frequently because of its high caffeine content 

What is a Latte? 

Latte is also an Italian drink that is also famous worldwide for its high milk content and mild caffeine content.

A latte also has 3 layers namely the espresso layer, steamed milk layer and foam layer. However, unlike a cappuccino these layers don’t have an equal ratio, the ratio of espresso to milk is 1:3.

Moreover, all these three layers are blended together to form a single latte which gives a smooth consistency. Also, you can find beautiful latte art on top of it. 

Benefits of having a latte 

  • Includes more amount of milk with a bubbly consistency for people who don’t love having strong coffees 
  • When taken in moderation, it can also help in burning excess fat from your body 
  • Even though it is a coffee beverage, it doesn’t taste like one, because of the 1:3 espresso to milk ratio it tastes like vanilla 
  • It has lesser caffeine content as compared to a cappuccino cup of the same size 

Side effects of having a latte 

  • Having latte in excess amount can lead to minor headache and nausea 
  • Although it has less caffeine content; it has higher fat content because of the milk, which will lead to weight gain 

How do they differ from each other?

There is not an enormous difference in both of them as they both have the same ingredients. However, the making process is different as the portions are different. 

In a cappuccino, all three layers are equal, with a good amount of foam on the top. On the contrary, the latte has an espresso to milk ratio of 1:3. Moreover, the foam is in less quantity. The milk consistency also varies in both of them, cappuccino includes milk of thick consistency and latte has a bubbly milk consistency. 

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How do they taste?

A cappuccino has a strong coffee taste as the milk portion is less and not blended. Moreover, it’s sweet and equally bitter to taste.

Additionally, cappuccino has high caffeine content. When it comes to latte, it doesn’t have a bitter taste as it has a high amount of milk as compared to espresso. Also, it tastes like vanilla with a mild caffeine content, less than a cappuccino.

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Flavored Packets

Ever thought of making the same Starbucks vanilla flavored latte at your home, moreover, without an espresso machine?

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Also, you don’t have to make any different espresso shots, simply stir the powder into hot water. However, you will require a milk frother for making steamed and frothed milk so you can enjoy the same Starbucks Latte at home.

NescafŽ Nescafe Intenso cappuccino packets

Nescafe is a well-known brand when it comes to anything regarding coffee making. These cappuccinos ready to brew packets can really help you enjoy the taste of real cappuccino at your home.

Moreover, this pack contains 10 packets, you can use it as a trial pack.

Also, you won’t require any machine or coffee maker for brewing a cup of cappuccino. Only stir the packets in a cup of hot water and add some milk and froth, then enjoy it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cappuccino sweeter than a latte?

However, the coffee beans are the same which are used for making latte but cappuccino tastes a bit sweeter than a latte, once again due to its less milk content, and usually, a cappuccino is topped with cocoa powder. So, a cappuccino is sweeter than a latte. 

Which is creamier latte or cappuccino?

No one can beat the latte when it comes to being creamier. The high proportion of milk used in a latte makes it creamier than a cappuccino. The cream is usually smooth and has a bubbly consistency. On the other hand, the milk consistency in a cappuccino is thicker than a latte. 

What is a healthier cappuccino or latte?

We can’t say which one is healthier as both of them have high-calorie content. However, a latte has a more milk content which in turn means high calories and fats. Moreover, a cappuccino has lower milk content but high caffeine content. 


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