How to use Mr Coffee Espresso Machine 

Mr coffee is a well-known brand for its super quality automatic espresso machines at cheaper prices. The brand has a wide range of machines to choose from. Moreover, Mr. Coffee also offers a warranty of 12 months on each of their espresso machines.

Additionally, these espresso machines are easy to use too. In this article, we will be talking about how to use a Mr. Coffee espresso machine in detail with some general information regarding Mr coffee espresso machines.

All Mr coffee espresso machines ranging from manual to super automatic work the same with only minor differences. The manual ones might be hard for a while. However, the super-automatic ones are the easiest.

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Now, let’s learn to operate the Mr. Coffee espresso machine. Besides that, make sure your espresso machine is clean from inside as well as outside. Check out our article on how to clean an espresso machine for a detailed guide.

How to use Mr Coffee Espresso Machine 

With these steps, you can easily use your Mr. Coffee espresso machine:

1. Fill the water reservoir

Remove the water reservoir from the espresso machine and clean it thoroughly before filling it with 4-5 oz filtered water for one espresso shot. However, if you are going to brew more than one espresso shot, fill the water at least half the capacity of the reservoir. 

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2. Preheat the machine

After filling the water reservoir, plug the machine into the mains and switch it on. Now the machine will be in the preheating mode which is important for good coffee extraction.

Depending on your espresso machine model, the preheating time may vary. You can read the user manual for the exact time. However, Mr. Coffee’s espresso machines take up to 1 to 15 minutes to heat up.

3. Grind the coffee beans

If your espresso machine has an integrated coffee grinder, you have to simply add the coffee beans into the grinder and select the grind size. If you don’t have any idea about the grind sizes, you can use the trial-and-error method.

Lastly, start the grinder by pressing the grind button. However, you have to get an external coffee grinder if your machine doesn’t have one. Apart from this, you can also use pre ground coffee. 

4. Fill the porta filter 

Detach the portafilter from the group head and do clean it if it’s not clean before using. Now, fill the porta filter basket with 2 teaspoons of coffee or any preferred amount. Then tmap those grounds using an espresso tamper. If you don’t have one, check out the best espresso tampers of 2021. 

5. Attach the porta filter 

Once, you have filled the porta filter with the required amount of coffee grounds and tamped it perfectly. Now, it’s time to attach the porta filter to the group head. Carefully, attach the porta filter to the group head by turning it until it gets locked.

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6. Choose your preferred coffee recipe 

Many Mr. Coffee espresso machines come with preset coffee functions for cappuccino, latte, flat white etc. simply click one of those buttons.

Moreover, if your espresso machine doesn’t have these preset function press the single or double espresso button according to your preferences.

7. Pull out an espresso shot

Make sure your machine is on an even surface and place a coffee cup on the drip tray and below the coffee nozzle carefully. Also, make sure the cup is of the right size and fits below the outlet perfectly.

8. Steam the milk

 While your espresso is getting poured in your coffee cup, start the steam wand or milk frother side by side. For a cup of cappuccino or latte take at least 100ml whole fat milk in the milk container and place the steam wand below the milk surface and do not forget to preheat it.

Once you gain your desired consistency and texture, remove the wand, start it again so that there is no milk residue left, and clean it with a cloth.

9. Serve 

Now, your espresso shot is ready. You simply have to add the steamed milk for making latte or cappuccino and serve it. Moreover, you can also sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on the top for an enhanced flavor and make some latte art on the creamy froth.

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10. Clean the machine

It’s the last step of how to use a Mr coffee machine, do not skip it otherwise, your Mr coffee espresso maker won’t even run for a year. We will start by detaching the porta filter and dumping the used grounds and thereafter cleaning the porta filter using an espresso machine cleaner.

Moreover, make sure there is no moisture left inside your machine as it will cause bacteria and moulds to grow. You will get detailed information in our article on how to clean an espresso machine. 


So that’s it, now you can use your brand new Mr Coffee espresso maker for making your favorite coffee recipe at home with the same cafe taste.

Mr. Coffee is a popular brand known for making budget friendly espresso machines for years so that everyone can enjoy the premium coffee experience.

They are durable, long lasting, and cheap. Moreover, you can also save your hard earned money by having an espresso machine.

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