How to use DeLonghi Espresso Machine – Ultimate Guide

Many new coffee lovers may be having a hard time figuring out how an espresso machine works or to be precise how a DeLonghi espresso machine works. With this in mind, we have brought you an article on how to use DeLonghi espresso machine which covers a detailed guide on how you can easily use your brand new DeLonghi espresso machine. Moreover, how you can maintain it properly for a good lifespan.

There are many types of espresso machines manufactured by DeLonghi so it is impossible to cover each and every espresso machine with detail. However, we have covered the most important steps you should follow while brewing a delicious espresso shot in a DeLonghi espresso machine.

Moreover, these steps are common for all DeLonghi machines. However, you can consider reading the user manual for more information about the specific model.

How to use DeLonghi espresso machine

Before using an espresso machine, make sure that your machine is clean from inside and outside as well for more information, check our article- how to clean DeLonghi espresso machine.

1. Fill the Water reservoir

Remove the water reservoir and fill it with filtered water as per the required quantity for your espresso cup and reattach it. If you don’t know the exact level, then fill it more than half so that you won’t run out of water while brewing a cup of espresso. Moreover, make sure that the water container is clean before filling water.

2. Preheat the Machine

Start the machine by plugging it into mains and switching it on by pressing the required button. Once the machine starts, it will go into pre-heat mode. The preheating time may vary for different machines, some take only 20 seconds and some take 25 minutes.

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3. Grind the beans

If your DeLonghi espresso machine has an integrated coffee bean grinder, simply add the preferred amount of beans in the grinder and select the grind size with the grind dial.

Moreover, if your espresso machine doesn’t have a bean grinder, get one as soon as possible or else you can use grounded coffee. Some espresso machines can also use coffee pods and capsules. Do not forget to place the porta filter below the coffee grinder outlet.

4. Attach the Porta filter

Once your porta filter is filled with the required coffee amount, tamp it with a tamper so the grounds get well compressed and leveled. If you are lucky enough, you will get different baskets for different sizes.

If not, you can check out your user manual for the right amounts. Lastly, attach the porta filter carefully to the group head.

5. Choose your preferred recipe

As said earlier, DeLonghi has a variety of machines therefore, this step varies from machine to machine. If you have a simple and cheap espresso machine, simply click the espresso button.

On the contrary, if you have a super-automatic DeLonghi espresso machine you will have many preset coffee functions to choose from. Choose one of those buttons of your desired coffee recipe. Moreover, specify the size of your drink.

6. Pull out a shot

Place a cup below the nozzle and on the drip tray carefully. Moreover, make sure the cup fits well on the drip tray. Within minutes you will see freshly brewed delicious espresso getting poured into your coffee cup. Depending on your cup size and functionality of your machine it may take some time to brew.

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7. Steam the Milk

There are many DeLonghi espresso machines available with an inbuilt milk frother or an attached steam wand if your machine has one of those and your coffee recipe includes milk you need to steam the milk.

For a cup of cappuccino or latte take at least 100ml whole fat milk in the milk container and place the steam wand below the milk surface and do not forget to preheat it. Once you gain your desired consistency and texture, remove the wand and clean it with a cloth.

8. Serve

This is one of the hardest steps of this article because you have to decorate your coffee cup manually. Moreover, if you love latte art, you need to have a lot of patience. Enjoy the coffee as soon as prepared. Additionally, you can sprinkle some cinnamon and cocoa powder on the top for the best coffee experience.

Check out our article on how to make a latte with an espresso machine and how to make cappuccino with an espresso machine for a detailed recipe.

9. Clean the Machine

It is important to clean an espresso machine after each use. Remove the porta filter and dump those used coffee grounds and clean it using water and soap. If you are not going to use it for a while then remove and empty the water reservoir and keep it dry.

Wipe the steam wand and the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth. For more detailed information check out our article- how to clean a DeLonghi espresso machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I grind the beans for espresso?

The answer totally depends on your preferences, however, espresso grounds are fine as compared to coffee grounds. You can try different grind sizes and select the one you like. Some coffee grinders automatically grind the beans so you don’t have any other option.

How long does it take for a DeLonghi espresso machine to heat up?

As said earlier, DeLonghi has a wide range of machines so the heat up time varies according to your espresso machine model. Generally, home espresso machines can take 1-20 minutes for heat up and commercial espresso machines may take longer time. You can check out the machine’s user manual for more information.

How frequently should you descale an espresso maker?

According to your use and water quality you should descale an espresso machine at least once every two months for a better quality coffee and longer life. Check out our article on how to clean DeLonghi espresso machine for a detailed guide on descaling an espresso machine.


So that’s how you can use your brand new DeLonghi espresso machine and make delicious espressos at home. Many new users may get confused with the machine’s features but don’t worry, we have given a detailed article on the topic.

However, if you still don’t get some points, you can watch online tutorial videos for the same. Moreover, if you are still searching for an espresso machine, check out our article on Best Italian espresso machine.

In this article we have featured some of the best DeLonghi espresso machines which can give you a premium coffee experience anytime.

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