Americano VS coffee [What’s the Difference]

There are many people who can’t distinguish between an Americano and a drip coffee. Many of them say it’s the same but we would like to burst their bubble and explain the difference between an Americano and drip coffee with our detailed comparison article Americano VS drip coffee.

There are a lot of differences between them, starting from the beans, the grounds, and brewing style. We will learn everything in this article. Firstly, we will know what they actually are, their taste and many more, let’s get started. 

What is an Americano? 

Americano is a coffee beverage which has no milk content and is made using a simple espresso shot and some hot water to match the length of a coffee cup. It originated during world war II by American soldiers who were searching for a strong coffee which would match the strength of coffee. It’s diluted using hot water and tastes bitter and has a strong and intense flavor. Americano is a lot more famous for people who want to stay awake with a high caffeine shot and strong taste. 

How does an Americano taste?

As Americano is simply an espresso diluted with hot water, it tastes bitter yet sweet. Moreover, it has a high caffeine content, so it’s strong to taste but not high as compared to a drip coffee. 

Benefits of having an Americano 

  • Americano can provide an instant shot of energy because of its high caffeine content 
  • Moreover, if you are trying to stay awake, it will be better if you sip a cup of Americano 
  • Includes antioxidants which are known to relieve stress and anxiety 
  • You can also lose weight by having a cup of Americano as it works as an excellent fat burner
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Side effects of having an Americano 

  • A person having an excess amount of Americano daily may feel dizzy and nausea 
  • May take a toll on your heart rate because of its high caffeine content 

What is a drip coffee? 

Drip coffee is a simple coffee beverage made by pouring hot water over coffee grounds and left to brew for some time. Sometimes, the remaining grounds are filtered out and sometimes they are not, like in a French press. The drip coffee uses filters which are kept on a cup with some coffee grounds on them. Afterwards a stream of hot water is poured on it which leads to the coffee dripping from the filter into the cup and that’s how a drip coffee is made. 

How does a drip coffee taste? 

A drip coffee has a simple coffee taste which has less caffeine concentration as compared to any other coffee beverage. Moreover, people who love having less caffeinated drinks with low-intensity love having a cup of drip coffee. 

Benefits of having drip coffee 

  • Overall coffee has antioxidants which can slow the ageing process in humans and keep your skin good for years 
  • Moreover, having a cup of drip coffee is known to be best for heart problems 
  • Also, it has a less amount of caffeine so it will be great if you love mild intensity coffee beverages 

Side effects of having a drip coffee 

  • Having excess drip coffee may lead to fatal health problems such has heart failure 
  • Also, you can’t sleep if you have high amounts of caffeine with a drip coffee 

How does an Americano differ from a coffee?

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They look much similar to each other such that many people get confused between both of them. However, when it comes to their taste, strength and brewing method, everything changes. Americano is a diluted espresso and drip coffee, also known as pour over coffee, is brewed coffee which is less strong and weaker than an espresso. Moreover, the coffee grounds also differ as espresso requires a fine ground and drip coffee requires coarse grounds. Lastly, Americano is a stronger beverage as compared to a drip coffee. 

Here are the products which we talked about earlier we have tried and tasted them on our own and they are the best of all 

Eight O’Clock Coffee Barista Blends Ground Coffee

With the finest espresso grounds the Eight O’clock coffee is the best for brewing an authentic Americano at home. Using any espresso maker, you can brew these coffee grounds easily. Moreover, you won’t require any extra coffee grinder for grinding. These grounds are made from 100% arabica coffee beans which are known to be the best in the world. What makes it more special is its winey notes with a rich flavor. Lastly, the beans are medium roasted which provide a balanced flavor and perfect aroma for an Americano.   

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

For making the best drip or brew coffee ever you will always require the best coffee beans. However, many times it happens that the coffee grounds which once had the right flavors get stale. Therefore, we have brought you these whole coffee beans by Lavazza which keep the flavor and aroma intact. Moreover, the medium roasted coffee beans are perfect for a drip coffee of balanced flavors and a rich aroma. Also, the notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar make the coffee sweet and rich. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Americano stronger than coffee?

No, a cup of drip coffee is stronger than an Americano because of its high caffeine content as compared to a cup of Americano which is a diluted espresso shot. 

Is Americano good for weight loss?

Yes, absolutely, coffee is known to be a good fat burner. Moreover, a cup of Americano has less  of calories as compared to a latte or cappuccino. Therefore, you can burn fat by having moderate levels of Americano paired with exercise. 

Why is Americano so bitter?

The taste of Americano is bitter because it is made out of espresso and espresso is a much more concentrated coffee beverage and it’s bitter too. Therefore, by adding hot water to the espresso, it gets even bitter and weak. 

Is Americano better than a drip coffee?

When it comes to an instant shot of energy an Americano will always be better than dripping coffee. However, if you love the wholesome taste of coffee, you would definitely love drip coffee. 



With all the answers to your questions about Americano VS coffee, you are all set to brag about your new knowledge in front of people you want to impress. Moreover, it would be best if you acquire some more knowledge about coffee beverages if you are trying to be the next best barista in the world. We can help you with our articles similar to this one. 

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We hope that you have checked these articles and loved them too. Do check those products featured in our article as they are tried and tested by us and are one of the best. 

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