What is French Roast Coffee – (How to make, Benefits)

French roast coffee is a popular and preferred style among coffee enthusiasts. This dark roasted coffee has a smoky sweetness and a burnt flavour. As a result, some coffee connoisseurs refer to it as ‘burnt’ coffee.

In this article, we will cover what actually is French roast coffee, its history and origin, roasting and brewing methods.

What is French Roast Coffee

The name traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries when coffee consumption was spreading throughout Europe and the Americas.

Coffee roasters were looking for ways to standardize output, and a nomenclature system developed in which different levels of roasting darkness were connected with different locations. These occasionally corresponded to a favorite national roast, but they were generally subjective.

Other roasts featured in this early nomenclature arrangement were Spanish roast, American roast, England roast, and Italian roast.

Coffee roasters have become more precise in their naming since then. An Agtron metre, which employs spectrographic analysis to grade the color profile of coffee beans on a range of 0-100, has become available.

The darker the roast, the lower the number. As per the Specialty Coffee Association of America, “French roast” coffee has an Agtron grade ranging from 28 to 35.

Because it is a dark roast, the French roast has a few unique properties as a coffee, which surely contribute to its continued popularity among coffee enthusiasts. For one thing, it’s a coffee with mild acidity. The less acidic the roast, the darker it is.

As a result, it is popular among those who suffer from gastrointestinal problems.

Furthermore, the coffee’s heavy roasting imparts a characteristic smoky flavor. Indeed, one of the main reasons that French roast coffees taste so identical from place to place is that the roasting technique masks the original flavor of the coffee bean.

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As a result, you can practically anywhere request a French roast and get a cup of Joe that tastes just as you want.

How to make French Roast Coffee

For drip-brewed coffee, French roast beans are traditionally used. They also make a good, robust espresso when made in a ‘French press.’ Check out our previous article on how to make an espresso or drip coffee for detailed guidance.

How French Roast coffee Roasted

The internal temperature of the coffee beans reaches 464 degrees Fahrenheit during the roasting process (240 C). The color of the coffee beans darkens as the roasting temperature rises, and more coffee oils develop on the surface.

French roast coffee beans are dark brown and glistening with oil, in keeping with these features.

Also, French roast beans are also nearing the end of the “second crack.” This signifies they’ve been cooked so thoroughly that they create two cracking noises during roasting: The release of steam causes one crack and the other crack occurs when the cell walls degrade and oils leak to the surface of the beans.

Dark roasts, such as a French roast, are roasted the longest compared to light or medium roast, therefore their flavor will be richer.

They have an oily shine to them and are nearly bitter, as we mentioned earlier. For some, this is a very nice thing, but for others, it is not so much. Check out our previous articles on the best coffee machines and brew you coffee anytime you want.

Benefits of French Roast Coffee

There is excellent news for coffee lovers everywhere. A cup of dark roast coffee is truly beneficial to the body. The following health advantages will make any coffee lover want to pour themselves an extra mug:

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1. Body Nourishing

Dark roast coffee is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Coffee helps to replenish vitamin E and glutathione levels. These antioxidants aid in the removal of toxins from the body, the improvement of immunological function, and the creation of red blood cells.

These nutrients are present in light roast coffee as well, but in larger levels in dark roast coffee.

Dark roast coffee contains a high concentration of B vitamins. Riboflavin, sometimes known as B2, is one of those. This crucial vitamin is necessary for cell development and growth, as well as for the body’s amino acid processing.

Pantothenic acid, generally known as vitamin B5, is another vitamin present in dark roast coffee. Pantothenic acid aids in the conversion of food into energy.

2. Cancer Risk Reduction

Cancer cells, it turns out, dislike the antioxidants present in coffee. These antioxidants act as an army, seeking out and destroying harmful cells before they cause havoc in the body.

Scientists have also discovered a relationship between free radicals and some types of cancer. Drinking a cup of dark roast coffee every day would greatly lower the quantity of free radicals in an individual’s body since dark roast coffee includes more antioxidants.

3. Healthier Liver

The liver is the major filter in the body. It turns out that drinking dark coffee is beneficial to the liver. When coffee enters the digestive tract, it creates a substance known as paraxanthine. This chemical may aid in the prevention of fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

4. Promotes weight Loss

Coffee may provide a boost to one’s metabolism, allowing them to burn more calories and burn weight. Coffee not only serves to suppress appetite, but it also helps to enhance energy levels.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not merely the caffeine content that aids in weight loss. N-methyl pyridinium ions are found in dark roast coffee.

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Only during the roasting process do these ions occur, and darker roasts yield more ions than lighter roasts. N-methyl pyridinium ions stimulate the body while also controlling glucose levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about French Roast Coffee?

French roast coffee is significantly less acidic and roasted in flavour than lighter roasts. It frequently has a burnt, charcoal-like aroma.

Is French Roast coffee burnt?

French roast is particularly dark. About as black as you’ll get without fully losing the flavour of the coffee and also being left with a taste of charred charcoal.

Which is more potent, Colombian or French roast?

Although most coffee drinkers perceive French Roast coffee to be stronger and darker compared to Colombian coffee, there is no discernible difference in the quantity of caffeine contained in each.

Is French Roast the strongest coffee available?

French roast coffee has a robust flavour, a dark, smoky fragrance, and a pungent flavour. Caffeine-wise, French roast is no more potent than any other dark roast.


While there is a lot of variation amongst French roast coffees, there are some taste similarities as well. With a traditional French roast, the temperature is high enough to raise the oils to the surface of the bean, imparting a toasted, smoky flavour to the coffee itself.

Despite the dark roasting procedure, French roasts can have lighter characteristics such as berry or citrus aromas. And French roasts from Indonesia, particularly Sumatra, can have an earthy, mushroom-like umami flavour that complements the dark brown roasting level perfectly.

Check out the coffee beans which best suits you from our previous articles on best coffee beans. You can also brew your French roast coffee anywhere, either at your home or on a vacation with friends and family, check our previous article on the best portable coffee machines.

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