How to make Pour Over Coffee [Beginner’s Guide]

You might be someone who has brought a new pour over coffee maker or simply wants to make a cafe style drip coffee at your home. Never mind, we will help you out with our detailed article on how to make pour over coffee.

Moreover, we have also explained the way in which you can make pour over coffee without any coffee maker. Therefore, we assure you, at the end of this article you will know and everything regarding drip coffee making.

How to make Pour Over Coffee

Firstly, we will learn how to brew drip coffee without a coffee maker. Here are some basic steps you should follow in order to enjoy a flavorful coffee at your home.

1. Boil the water 

Take the required amount of water and boil it using any source you prefer. Furthermore, pour the water in a kettle. However, the water should not be boiling hot while making a cup of coffee. Therefore, keep it aside for some time 

2. Grind the coffee 

You have to follow this step simultaneously while boiling water. If you want to enjoy the fresh flavor, then use whole beans and grind them whenever you use them. However, you can go for pre grounds but they mostly lack the flavor. Once you have the coffee grounds ready, go for the third step. 

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3. Prepare the cup 

Rinse the cup in which you intend to make the pour over coffee with some hot water. This step will make sure the coffee cup is warm enough and won’t make the coffee cool after brewing. Also, place a paper filter on it in a cone shape and add the required amounts of coarse coffee grounds into it. 

4. Pour the hot water 

Slowly pour the hot water in a circular manner on the coffee grounds so all the grounds get the equal amounts of water and provide a balanced taste. However, do not pour too much water as it will make your coffee watery. Therefore, once the cup is full, stop pouring water. 

5. Let it drip 

Even after you have stopped pouring hot water, the dripping goes on. Therefore, keep it aside for some time and let it drip so the flavors get well extracted from the grounds. 

6. Serve 

Remove the used coffee filter with those grounds inside and do whatever you want with it. Furthermore, serving the pour over coffee with some light snacks or some steamed milk.

How brew a pour over coffee with a Coffee Maker

Here is the way to brew a pour over coffee with a coffee maker:

Pour over coffee makers are easy to use as you have to simply press a button and within minutes your drip coffee will be ready. Let’s understand the whole process with some steps. 

1. Fill the water reservoir 

Take some filtered water and pour it in the water reservoir. However, measure the amount of water you are pouring in the water tank as coffee makers are simple and don’t know any difference between the amounts of water used. 

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2. Grind the coffee beans 

Use a coffee grinder and grind the coffee beans coarsely as required for a pour over coffee. Although you can use pre grounds, they won’t provide you with the fresh aroma like the fresh coffee grounds. 

3. Fill the coffee grounds 

Take a paper filter or the mesh filter your coffee maker comes with and fill the required amounts of coffee in to it. We would recommend you to use at least 1 teaspoon of grounds for a single cup. Furthermore, place the filter with coffee grounds in the brew basket and close the lid. 

4. Start the coffee maker 

Plug in the wire of the coffee maker into the mains and switch it on. If your coffee maker requires some heating time, it will be given in the user manual. If not, you can simply press the switch on the button and wait for some time while the coffee brews

5. Brew and serve the coffee 

After starting the coffee maker, you will see coffee dripping in the carafe or your single serve cup within minutes. It’s better to have a glass carafe, as you can see the brewing status of the coffee. Lastly, serve the coffee in a cup and with some doughnuts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coffee do I use for a pour over?

Depending on the amount of coffee you are going to make, you should take at least 1 teaspoon of coffee for 1 cup of coffee. 

Why is a pour over better?

There are a lot of reasons why the pour over is better than other coffee types. One of the main reasons is its easy to brew and also tastes nice as you can control the entire brewing process manually. 

What grind do you use for a pour over?

You should use a medium coarse grind while making a pour over coffee because the filter will keep the coarse grounds away from your coffee cup and you will get a good filtered coffee. 


Pour over coffee is one of the most loved brewing methods in this world as you won’t require any additional expensive coffee maker for making a mere drip coffee.

However, if you want to get a coffee maker check out the top 7 best automatic pour over coffee makers for more information. That’s all, we have included each and every bit of information regarding brewing a pour over coffee in this article and we hope that you have loved it.

Moreover, do support us as it would be a kind of appreciation from you which will motivate us to bring more such content. 

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