Moka Pot Vs French Press – Which’s the Best & Why?

You might be the one searching for the best coffee maker for you but confused between a Moka pot or a French press. Don’t worry, we will help you out with your confusion with our detailed comparison article on Moka pot VS French press.

Both of them brew coffee nicely and require no electricity for brewing purposes. Moreover, each of them has its own brewing processes, coffee tastes and many significant differences which we will learn later.

Moka Pot Vs French Press

First of all, we will learn what they actually mean and what they are. 

What is a moka pot?

Moka pot is an Italian coffee maker which was invented in 1993 and has the same working and usage from the last many years. A Moka pot makes coffee which is similar to an espresso but is not really an espresso, it’s called the Moka coffee and there are people who love having Moka coffee.

A Moka pot has 3 chambers out and is usually made out of aluminum or steel. They are also known as stovetop espresso makers because they require constant heat supply for brewing coffee.

How does a Moka pot work?

Moka pot is made of three chambers in which the last chamber contains water, the middle one has coffee grounds and the top chamber is where the coffee or espresso gets brewed.

After placing the Moka pot on the stove, the water in the lower chamber is heated by which pressure gets created inside which in turn pushes the water up to the middle chamber where it gets blended with the coffee grounds and then with the same pressure, the brewed coffee reaches the top chamber. 

Benefits of using a Moka pot

  • Requires no electricity like a electric espresso maker and can be used during camping and trekking
  • Way cheaper than any other espresso maker including the portable mobile ones, with a starting price of $5 only 
  • Is capable of brewing more than two cups of Moka coffee at a time within 5 minutes
  • A small and cheap Moka pot stays with you for at least 10 years therefore, its a great investment 
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Side effects of using a Moka pot

  • Moka pots are generally made out of aluminum which can have some side effects on human body 
  • Moka coffee has high amounts of caffeine in it which can lead to insomnia and restlessness 

What is a French press?

French press is an easy coffee brewing device which has been in use for years by people who love coffee. A French press is usually made from stainless steel or glass and has a piston on the upper size for brewing and extracting coffee.

A french press makes only drip coffee and not espresso. It provides an overall extraction and due to its steeping brew method. Moreover, you can brew your favorite drip coffee within 5 minutes only without any stove or electricity 

How does a French press work?

Firstly you have to detach the plunger from the top of the French press and add the required amount of coarse coffee grounds in it. Afterwards, boiling, hot water is poured into the grounds and the plunger is attached. After 5 minutes of waiting, the piston or plunger is pushed down so the coffee grounds get below leaving the fine drip coffee at the top. That’s the only way a French press works. 

Benefits of using a French press

  • Does not require constant heat like a Moka pot and also doesn’t require any electricity for brewing coffee 
  • The coffee is not filtered out due to the steeping process which leads to a good flavor by the remaining coffee grounds 
  • You have the full control on the brewing process in a french press unlike electric coffee makers 
  • The taste is strong and rich so it will keep you awake during sleepy moods 

Side effects of using a French press 

  • The unfiltered coffee from a French press can increase the bad cholesterol in our body if not taken in moderation 
  • If not taken in moderation, may lead to cardiovascular diseases 

How does a Moka pot differ from a French press?

There is a lot of difference between both of them starting from their brewing method to the choice of coffee grinds. Firstly, a moka pot requires constant heat and pressure to brew espresso. On the other hand, a French press doesn’t require any stove but only hot water for brewing.

Moreover, no pressure is required. Also, the coffee grounds for a Moka coffee are finer similar to espresso grounds. On the contrary the coffee grounds are more coarse for a French press. 

Also, the design is different with a Moka pot having three chambers and a French press having a single body with a plunger on the top. Lastly, the coffee tastes differs from each other.

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Here is the Moka pot and the French press which we have tested and found out to be the best:

GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

Why do we love it 

  • Looks attractive with its matt black finishing. Moreover, it’s available in 6 different color options 
  • You won’t require any electric connection for brewing a coffee similar to espresso
  • Can brew up to 9 cups of Moka coffee in one go unlike those electric coffee makers 

The Grosche is one of the best Moka pot manufacturers in the world. This 9 cup Moka pot has a great finishing and can make strong espresso shots within minutes.

Moreover, the cool touch handle will never let your hands burn even if you pick up the pot while on the stove. 

Also, it’s extremely cheap and lower in price than a portable espresso maker. The manufacturers have taken great care of your safety while making this Moka pot by providing a Nonscalding handle and a safety valve that gives out excess pressure.


  • Heats quickly 
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool touch handle
  • Great design 


  • Takes long time to brew 
  • May leak if not attached properly 

It’s the best Moka pot of 2021 as it’s cheaper, has a durable build, and will last for more than 10 years if you maintain it properly. Moreover, the safety valve and rubber handle make sure you are safe. Besides that, the coffee quality is great and the pot blends and extracts the right flavors out of those coffee grounds.

Mueller French Press

Why do we love it 

  • Features a triple layered filter so the coffee grounds will remain at the bottom and you don’t have to keep a check on cholesterol levels 
  • Moreover, it has a double layered stainless steel body which will keep it strong for years to come 
  • Lastly, other than french press it can brew tea and store frothed milk too. 

Manufactured by one of the best French press brands, the Mueller French press is going places for its versatility and long lasting life. French presses are avoided by people due to their unfiltered coffee but not with this one as it has 4 layers of filters which will keep the grounds at the bottom and your body healthy. 

Moreover, the stainless steel body makes sure the coffee remains heated for at least 60 minutes more than simple ones. Moreover, the stainless steel construction doesn’t let it rust or break easily unlike those glass ones.

If you love having drip coffee this French press by Mueller will be the best option for you. You don’t have to filter out the coffee grounds on your own because the 4 layered filter in the French press does this for you.

Moreover, you don’t have to clean it on your own if you are having a dishwasher. Also, the stainless steel build won’t rust or break easily. Therefore, you should definitely get this one if you require it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moka pot coffee healthy?

Yes, Moka pot coffee is stronger and healthier as compared to other coffee makers because the pressure build doubles the levels of antioxidants which have many health benefits. Moreover, coffee can lift your mood and relieve stress easily. 

Which is better French press or a Moka pot?

We can’t come to any conclusion like that because under different aspects each of them work differently. However, if you love espresso go for the Moka pot and if you love a flavorful coffee it’s good to go with the French press. 

Is it bad to drink French press coffee everyday?

Yes, you can drink a French press coffee every day but do keep a track of your cholesterol levels as the unfiltered coffee grounds may increase the bad cholesterol levels in your body. 

Why is French press coffee bad for health?

The French press uses the steeping brewing method which does not filter the coffee grounds out of the coffee but only keeps them at the bottom. This unfiltered coffee when taken in excess amounts may lead to an increase in bad cholesterol levels. 


So that’s our detailed comparison between Moka pot VS French press. We hope that you have liked our given information and have a basic idea about what they are and how they work. Moreover, we have also given the top Moka pot and French press which we would like to recommend to our readers. You can also check out our other articles similar to this one. 

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It’s important to know at least the basic difference among both as both of them have a different brewing method and coffee flavors. You don’t want to be a laughing stock amongst your family or friends right? Then do read our other similar articles. 

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