How to Keep Pour Over Coffee Hot

Coffee making is an art, and it’s quite hard to brew the perfect one in the first attempt. However, it’s great if you did it, you are fantastic. One such coffee form is the pour over which requires everything perfect or else, it’s not that great.

We will discuss here how to keep pour over coffee hot as it’s one of the integral parts of brewing a pour over coffee. Moreover, you will slowly master pour over coffee brewing. 

How to Keep Pour Over Coffee Hot

Here we have given some ideas you can implement while making a pour over coffee to keep it hot for a longer time. Now, with no time to waste, let’s get started.

Boil the water at the right temperature

Most beginners make the mistake of not heating the water at the right temperature and the coffee becomes under extracted with a lack of flavor and aroma.

Also, there are some experienced people who use very hot boiling water which leads to their coffee grounds getting burnt. Actually, the water temperature should be between 198℉ to 210℉.

However, if you don’t have a thermometer by your side, you can simply boil the water and keep it for cooling for 20 seconds. This will make sure your coffee will be well extracted and remain hot for a long time. 

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Warm the carafe or cup 

While brewing any type of coffee, you can warm the utensil in which you are going to collect the coffee. This step makes sure that the warmth of the cup will keep the coffee hot for a long time.

You can do this by pouring some hot water in the carafe or the cup you will use and let it sit idle for a minute. Lastly, pour the water down your sink.

If you don’t follow this step, your coffee would get cold within a minute of pouring and you won’t get to enjoy its taste. 

Place the carafe in warm water

You can easily maintain the temperature of coffee by placing the carafe in a utensil filled with hot water which will not let the temperature go down and also maintain the flavor of the coffee. 

Right-sized coffee grounds

It’s important to get the right sized coffee grounds as they affect the taste of your coffee and can also make it cold within no time. You should always go for a medium coarse grind as it’s the best for pour over coffee making. Otherwise, the wrong ground size will make your coffee under-extract or over-extract.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot is the pour over coffee?

The temperature of a pour over coffee should lie between 198℉ to 210℉ for the best results. Anything over or under it will result in an over extracted coffee or under extracted one. 

Does pour over coffee raise cholesterol?

No, unlike the fresh press coffee, pour over coffee cannot raise the bad cholesterol levels such that they will have any bad effect on your health. However, drinking excessive pour over coffee can lead to some heart problems. 

Can I reuse pour over coffee grounds?

Yes, you can use it once more to brew coffee but the flavor would not be that great and the coffee would be watery in taste. Therefore, it’s up to you. However, coffee grounds make an excellent fertilizer so you can use them that way. 


As said earlier, you will require good patience to brew a nice pour over coffee. You can follow these steps to make your pour over coffee great and also keep it hot for a long time.

You can also check out our article on how to make a pour over coffee to know what you are doing wrong while brewing one. Lastly, we hope that you found our article helpful and would check out our other articles too which will truly help you in coffee making. 

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