Latte Vs Flat White – What’s the Difference?

There are many people in the world who are still confused between a latte and a flat white. Many of them think that it’s the same, but it’s not. If you are one of them we will burst your bubble and give you a detailed comparison between Latte VS flat white and at the end we have also given some products related to latte and flat white which we think would be useful if you love them.

Now, let’s start with the basics and know what a latte and a flat white mean and how they are made.

Latte Vs Flat White 

What is a latte?

Latte is a coffee beverage that is served in a tall cup and has an excess amount of milk as compared to espresso. A cup of latte is made of â…“ part of espresso and â…” part of milk out of which some is milk froth. The milk and espresso blend with each other except the milk frothing which is later decorated with a latte art by baristas. Lattes are sweet to taste and somehow have a taste of vanilla. 

How does a latte taste?

A latte has a creamy and little bit of bubbly consistency and because of the high milk content and froth it tastes like vanilla. You won’t encounter any bitterness while having a latte also, it is less concentrated as compared to a flat white. 

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Benefits of having a latte 

  • Latte has a thick and bubbly consistency so it will be a treat to your mouth to have a sweet latte 
  • Having a latte at moderate levels can help in reducing weight as it contains antioxidants which can lead to weight loss 
  • Can uplift your mood and relieve your stress and anxiety within minutes 
  • Moreover, a cup of latte has also known to decrease the risk of cardiac arrest 

Side effects of having a latte

  • Having excess amount of latte can lead to weight gain and many other health problems following it 
  • You may feel sleeplessness if you drink a lot of latte due to its caffeine content 

What is a flat white?

Flat white is also a coffee beverage that is served in a standard coffee cup. However, it’s stronger than a latte and has a real flavor of coffee blended with steamed milk. A flat white is made of ristretto which is stronger than espresso and sweet too. Moreover, â…” steamed milk is blended with the ristretto shot for a milky flavor and a well-balanced aroma.  

How does a flat white taste?

A flat white is stronger than compared to a latte because of the highly concentrated espresso shot. Moreover, it has a strong taste of coffee with an intense flavor. Also, it’s milky because of its high milk content. 

Benefits of having a flat white 

  • Flat white has antioxidants which can be used for many health diseases.
  • The more amount of steam milk and a less froth is perfect for people who love milky coffees 
  • Moreover, the strong taste will keep your mind alert and attentive even if you feel sleepy 

Side effects of having a flat white 

  • Has more number of calories as compared to a latte because of more use of steamed milk and may lead to obesity 
  • The high caffeine content can be the reason of increased breathing rate and blood flow 
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How does a Latte and Flat white differ from each other?

A latte and a flat white have some minor differences between them. Both of them have the same list of ingredients but the milk and espresso pulling changes it all. A flat white contains more amount of steamed milk with a microfoam consistency.

On the other hand, a latte requires a bubbly consistency of milk. Also, a flat white requires a ristretto shot which is a little bit stronger and sweeter than espresso. Moreover, the caffeine content in a latte is lower than compared to a flat white.

Here are the coffee beans which we think would be the best option for making a flat white and a latte 

Coffee Bros Light Roast Whole Beans

These lightly roasted coffee beans by coffee bros will be the perfect choice for making a flat white and many other coffee recipes including cappuccino. The light roast keeps the caffeine content high and flavors intact.

These are 100% arabica beans that are used by professional baristas. We tested these beans and found that they are extremely sweet to taste. You can pull out an amazing ristretto shot for your flat white with these beans. You will require a quality coffee grinder for these beans so do make sure you have one.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Medium roasted coffee beans make the perfect latte is what everyone, including us, says. These Lavazza medium roasted coffee beans have a balanced aroma and intensity with a distinct aroma that will make you fall in love with the latte.

It has notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar, which make it better for someone who loves having sweets. These coffee beans are 40% robusta and 60% arabica so you have a blend of unforgettable flavors. However, you will require a coffee grinder so you can enjoy fresh coffee grounds at your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is latte stronger than flat white?

Flat white is stronger in taste as compared to a latte because of its concentration. We know that both of them have the same amount of milk but flat white will always be stronger because of the ristretto used in it. 

What’s healthier: flat white or latte?

It’s always the latte when we say the healthier amongst both of them. A latte will have fewer calories as compared to a flat white. Moreover, a skim milk latte would be an even better option for health enthusiasts. 

Is flat white a single or double shot?

A flat white is a double espresso shot that has steamed milk and a little amount of foam on the top. 

Is latte unhealthy?

No, not at all, we can say, anything in moderation if good, but once you start doing it excessively is where the problem begins. Therefore, it’s healthy to drink a cup of latte in moderation. 


So that’s our detailed comparison of Latte VS Flat white which we hope that you have understood and will remember for a significant amount of time. You can also check out our other comparison articles for more information.

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Now that you have understood everything, you can impress anyone with your freshly acquired knowledge. Moreover, if you are thinking of having a coffee business, it will be really beneficial for you so do read our other articles on coffee types for detailed information.   

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