How to Recycle Coffee Pods?

Finally, there are people who care for our environment. We are glad that you had time to check out this guide. Here is a detailed guide on how to recycle coffee pods in which we will let you know how you can recycle those coffee pods so they won’t end up in a landfill or be there for at least 500 years.

Moreover, we have also provided a small guide on how to use the used coffee grounds for our benefit, so read this guide till the end and you will know about it. 

How to Recycle Paper Coffee Pods?

The flat coffee pods are the easiest to recycle as they are simply made out of paper and are biodegradable. Simply cut it in half and remove the coffee grounds from it. Moreover, after emptying the grounds, throw away the paper in the trash. 

How to recycle coffee capsules?

Many coffee capsule manufacturers have their own recycling plants, such as Nespresso and many more. Therefore, it’s easier to recycle them because you have to simply put them in a bag and take them to their nearest outlet.

Also, Nespresso offers you a pick at home offer in which a person would take those used coffee capsules from you. However, there are some coffee capsule manufacturers which don’t have any recycling plant, so if you care enough, you have to do it on your own.

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Here are the steps you should follow to recycle coffee pods

Step 1: Cut open the coffee pods and remove the coffee grounds. Moreover, make sure you keep the grounds with you, as they are helpful. We will talk about it later. 

Step 2: if your coffee pod is fully made of aluminum, keep the pod as it is. Otherwise, separate the pod and the aluminum film on the top and keep them in separate bags. 

Step 3: if the manufacturer has a recycling plant, you can get to their nearest outlet and handover the bag to them. However, if not, simply take them to the nearest recycling centre and hand it over to them. 

What to do with used coffee grounds?

  1. You can use the used coffee grounds in your garden as a compost fertilizer. Coffee has all the good elements required for plants. Therefore, it would yield better.
  2. You might be knowing that the coffee is used as an exfoliating scrub which naturally energizes the skin. Therefore, you can make a DIY face scrub with those grounds.
  3. Lastly, coffee is a good and natural way to keep away those pests. Therefore, you can keep them around your house so the small insects won’t come inside your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use coffee grounds for flower plants?

Absolutely yes, coffee grounds are the best natural fertilizer you can get for flower plants such as roses and lilies. However, make sure the plant loves an acidic environment before using coffee grounds. 

What can I do with used coffee pods?

Firstly, you can recycle them in the above given manner. Furthermore, you can be more creative to use them according to your choice to make lights or any other thing you have in your mind.

Are plastic coffee pods bad for you?

Yes, they can be bad if the plastic is not good enough. Therefore, make sure the plastic used in the coffee pods is BPA-free so it won’t allow any chemicals in your coffee. 


So that’s how we recycle coffee pods. We hope that you will follow these steps to recycle those used coffee pods and make this environment better.

We are also happy that there are so many people who want to change for the environment. That’s why carry it on as we are doing. Now that we are at the end of this guide, we hope that this guide on how to recycle coffee pods was helpful for you and you understood all these steps easily. 

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