How to Clean a Nespresso Machine [Beginner’s Guide]

Enjoying your favorite freshly brewed espresso and spending some quality time gives an unbeatable satisfaction. The aroma and taste can be the best stress buster after a tiring and tedious day.

Nespresso machines come handy when you don’t have a good cafe nearby that offers your special cup of coffee or you love making it yourself. The best Nespresso machines offer you a variety of options to choose from, be it the flavour or type of coffee you prefer on the top of that you can also select the cup size.

By writing that if you are a coffee enthusiast who like experimenting with your coffee and doesn’t own a Nespresso machine, then hurry up and go get one of the best nespresso coffee machines available with the help of our buying guide- How to choose a nespresso machine.

Cleaning your Nespresso machine can provide you with the best coffee taste and aroma as its functionality increases after cleaning. We can clean Nespresso machines within minutes with ease.

Additionally, many higher end models have the feature which lets them clean themselves so no need to clean it manually. Moreover, they also offer a descaling detector that lets you know when your machine should be descaled.

Cleaning a Nespresso Machine

The nespresso machines that provide you with cafe styled espresso should be cleaned daily as you will use it daily. Moreover, the moisture will leave your machine with a foul smell and bacteria growing in molds.

Cleaning the Nespresso machine has its own benefits such as its speed increases and quality of coffee remains consistent. Additionally, cleaning increases the lifespan of the machine.

The only thing you will require for cleaning your machine is water, yes! Only water. And if your machine needs descaling, you need a descaling agent which is provided with nespresso. We will learn more about descaling further. 

Steps for cleaning a Nespresso machine

You will require- mild soap, non metallic brush, water, damp cloth, a big container of minimum 4 cup capacity.

With these steps, you can easily clean your machine with no one’s help.

1. Disassemble

isassemble the nespresso machine by removing the water container, cup support, drip tray, milk frother (if it has one), capsule container additionally, make sure you empty the used capsules from the capsule container and water from the water container before proceeding to the next step.

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2. Wash the removable parts

Wash the removable water container inside out with the help of a non metallic scrub and soap and once you clean it rinse it with clean water similarly wash the drip tray, milk frother (if you have one), cup support and capsule container. Once everything is clean, dry those parts with a damp cloth.

3. Wipe the exterior

Wipe the exterior of the nespresso machine with a damp cloth and a cleaner of your choice as there may be some coffee marks or dirt settled on the machine.

4. Run the cleaning cycle 

Take the water container and fill it with four cups of water and reattach it to the machine. Depending on your machine model you need to press different buttons for entering the cleaning cycle so press the required buttons for 3 seconds and your machine will start the cleaning process.

Do not forget to keep a big container at the head to collect the water and coffee residue. Lastly, the machine will stop automatically when the work is done. This process will require hardly 5-6 minutes.

You can do this process daily after using your coffee machine all day long.

5. Reassemble

Once your removable parts are dry and you complete the running cycle, it’s time to reassemble the machine, reassemble the milk frother, capsule container, drip tray, cup support and water container. If you are not going to use it for a few days, then wipe the drip tray and water container clean so there will be no chance for bacteria to grow and store it away.

Descaling the Machine

If you are new to using a nespresso machine or basically brewing coffee with a machine, the chances of you knowing about descaling are less.

First of all, what is descaling?

The water used while brewing a coffee has a lot of minerals in it which causes a buildup mostly calcium and lime on the inner walls and parts of the machine so descaling is the process of removing the buildup using a descaling agent called the descaling process.

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It is advised to descale your machine every 3 months for a better functioning and good quality of your drink. Many expensive Nespresso machines include the feature of blinking lights when the machine needs descaling, so you don’t have to remember the last time you descaled your unit.

Steps for descaling a Nespresso machine

You will require- descaling agent, 4 cups of water, mild soap, non metallic brush, damp cloth, a big container of capacity 4 cups.

With these steps you can easily descale your machine 

1. Making the descaling solution

For making a descaling solution you will need a descaling agent, which you can get of the nespresso brand itself.

Pour the 4 cup water in the water container and add the descaling agent to it and your descaling solution is ready.

2. Container for collecting residue water 

Do not forget this step as it is a crucial one. Take one large container with a capacity of accommodating 4 cups of water and more and palace in front of the machine 

3. Enter descaling mode

This might be a tricky step for many people as the descaling buttons are different for different models you can refer the user manual for getting the right information.

Once you press the correct combination of keys for more than 3 seconds, your machine will enter the descaling mode. 

Descaling process will require hardly 5-6 minutes to complete. Simultaneously, you will see water getting collected in the container placed at the head.

4. Repeating

Take the container full of descaling solution and once again pour inside the water container and repeat the descaling process as it will give you better results it will require another 5-6 minutes.

The machine will turn off once the process is finished.

5. Cleaning with water

Once again fill the water container with water and press the combination of keys you did while descaling this step ensures that there will be no chemical smell inside your nespresso machine and clean it thoroughly. Repeat this process twice.

6. placeable parts

Remove the drip tray, water container and cup support and wash them with mild soap and a nonmetallic brush afterwards rinse them with clean water. Lastly, dry them with a damp cloth.

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7. Exit descale mode

Now that you have cleaned your nespresso machine inside out, now it’s time to exit the descaling mode for this you need to press all the buttons you can see on the machine until it beeps.

And your machine is ready for making you a fresh cup of coffee you like.

If you need help for using a nespresso machine, we will guide you with our article- How to use a Nespresso machine.

General tips for maintaining a Nespresso Machine 

ere we are providing you with general tips that you can use for maintaining your Nespresso coffee machine in a pleasant condition.

  • Clean the drip tray and water container daily.
  • Do not keep water in the water container for a longer period of time as it grows bacteria.
  • Throw the used coffee capsules daily and keep the capsule container free as it may attract bacteria.
  • Make sure there is no moisture inside the coffee machine.
  • Prefer filtered water with fewer minerals over hard water while making a coffee as it lowers the chances of scaling
  • Wipe the exterior of the machine with damp cloth within 2-3 days as dust particles may settle on it.


And that is how you clean and maintain your Nespresso coffee machine, which is a very important and easy task to do as it can increase your machine’s lifespan and provide you with the best coffee at your home.

Do not use homemade descaling solutions such as vinegar etc as it has the ability to damage your nespresso machine from inside so get one of the descaling agent sachet which you can get at your nearby store.

 Coffee machines have become a necessity for working people as they provide many different options to choose from and caffeine helps in giving their body an instant shot of energy.

But cleaning is as important as using not only a nespresso machine but also other machines so take some time out of your busy schedule and clean your nespresso machine frequently as it will give you better results.

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