How to Clean a Breville Espresso Machine [Beginners Guide]

Cleanliness is an important factor for a human body as well as an espresso machine. our skin radiates, we feel fresher in the same way any machine works perfectly if cleaned and taken good care of.

If you are new to coffee brewing, then you have no idea how to clean an espresso machine, to be specific a Breville espresso machine. Don’t panic! We will guide you on how you can clean your Breville espresso machine daily, weekly and monthly in detail. 

It is easier to clean a Breville machine as compared to other machines. Moreover, the espresso machines have many features in common. In this article we have covered all the steps you should follow while cleaning a Breville espresso machine.

Moreover, we have given some maintenance tips and frequently asked questions at the end of this article for a better understanding.

How to clean Breville Espresso Machine

 Now, Let’s get started with the major part of the topic, which is how to clean a Breville espresso machine.

Here are some steps you should follow on a daily basis for cleaning and maintaining your espresso machine.

  1. Run a cleaning cycle with water after each brew. It makes sure there is no coffee residue left in the nozzle.
  2. Remove the used coffee grounds as soon as possible after every brew and dump them. Otherwise you can also use them as fertilizer.
  3. After steaming the milk, start the steam wand again so that there is no milk residue left. Or else it may affect your next brew taste.
  4. Once, you use the espresso machine for a day, remove the water container, drip tray, milk frother, porta filter and clean them using a mild soap and water. Moreover, wipe the group head using a brush. 
  5. Do not keep the water or coffee grounds in the espresso machine for a longer time or it may grow bacteria and moulds. By writing that, keep your machine clean and dry.
  6. Also, clean the coffee grinder daily so there is no coffee residue and oils left.
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Here are some steps you should follow to clean and maintain your Breville espresso machine on a weekly basis.

You will require the following items while cleaning your DeLonghi espresso machine-

espresso machine cleaner, small cleaning brush, blind porta filter basket, damp cloth, water container, and water.

Step 1

Fill the water container with water at least half its quantity and reattach it to the espresso machine carefully. Lastly, plug the machine into the mains.

Step 2

Detach the porta filter from the group head and also the basket inside and  replace it with a blind basket. Moreover,  Add a teaspoon of espresso machine cleaner or the specified quantity in the blind basket. An espresso machine is available at any nearby store or website.

Step 3

Once you have filled the portafilter with a cleaner, attach it to the group head and run a brewing cycle by pressing the espresso button on your machine. Moreover, place a water container large enough to collect the residue water.

Step 4

Follow step number 2 and 3 at least 2 more times for best results. Moreover, do not forget to add the cleaner during each cleaning cycle.

Step 5

Now run a cleaning cycle once again but only with water, do not add more espresso machine cleaner into the porta filter basket. This step makes sure that there is no chemical smell and residue left inside your espresso machine.

Step 6

Use a small non metallic brush to clean the group head so to make sure there is no coffee residue left in it.

Step 7

Submerge the steam wand into a container having espresso machine cleaner solution and start it. This step will make sure that there is no milk residue left inside the steam wand. Afterwards perform the same step but now only with water.

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If your machine has an inbuilt milk frother, you can clean it by detaching it. However, they are not dishwasher safe so you have to wash them by hand.

Step 8

Place the used porta filter baskets and porta filter into boiled water. Moreover, add some cleaning agent and let them sit idle for at least 15-20 minutes. Lastly, clean and wipe them with a dry damp cloth.

Step 9

Dry all the removable parts with a damp cloth and make sure there is no moisture left otherwise your machine may grow bacteria.

How to descale a Breville espresso machine?

Descaling is a simple process which you have to perform on your espresso machine every 2 months so that the scaling caused inside the machine will be removed. Moreover, the scaling is caused because of minerals in water.

Therefore, always use filtered water for brewing espresso. This will make sure your espresso machine will not require much descaling.

Now, let’s move to descaling of a Breville espresso machine.

Step 1

take some water and pour it into the water reservoir of your espresso machine. Empty the sachet of the descaling agent into the water for making a descaling solution.

Moreover, the water quantity will be specified on the descaling agent sachet. let it sit idle for at least 20 minutes. You can get a descaling agent easily at your nearby store or Breville website.

Step 2

place a water container below the nozzle and on the drip tray. However, you can also remove the drip tray if needed. The water container should be large enough to collect the residual water.

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Step 3

Now, let’s start the machine by plugging it into the main and let it heat for some time. Once the heat up time is over, simply follow the same process you do while brewing an espresso.

Step 4

now you can see the water pouring out of your espresso machine with all the residue accumulated inside. Repeat the process once again as it will remove more residue. This step will require at least 10 minutes to finish.

Step 5

repeat a cleaning cycle again with only water. This step will make sure there is no chemical residue and odor left in your espresso machine. And your machine is ready for its next brewing. If you need help with using an espresso machine, we will guide you with our article- How to use a Breville espresso machine.


So, that’s how all Breville espresso machines are cleaned and maintained. You should take some time out of your busy schedule for your beloved espresso machine because it functions perfectly when maintained properly.

Moreover, if you want to learn to operate your espresso maker. Check out our article on how to use a Breville espresso machine. Breville espresso machines are super easy to use, moreover, they have a better functionality too as compared to other brands.

However, they are expensive but worth the price. In this article best Italian espresso machines of 2021 we have featured some of the best and top rated Breville models so check it out.

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