How to choose a Nespresso Machine [Beginner’s Guide]

Coffee is the most loved beverage in the world for many people, be it a small child or a working man, everyone loves coffee. With its unbeatable and distinct aroma, coffee energies and lifts your mood.

A basic filtered coffee can be made manually easily, but what about the cappuccino, latte, espresso? This is where the nespresso coffee machine comes to the light with its variety of beverage making abilities within seconds.

The Nespresso machines are comparatively easier to use than the manual coffee makers with a variety of features and models. If you are new to coffee making and want to learn more about using Nespresso coffee machines, check out our article- How to use a Nespresso machine.

Want to choose the best Nespresso machine available? Hang on to this article and we will tell you what parameters you should consider before buying one so that you can enjoy the freshly brewed espresso style coffee at your home with the best Nespresso machine of 2022.

Some basic Information about Nespresso Machines

Nespresso machines are of two types: the originalLine and VertuoLine. These two lines utilize two different brewing technologies, which we will explain more in detail further.

The easy to use and clean machines offer a variety of coffee flavors with their recyclable aluminum Nespresso pods additionally, the coffee pods contain coffee which can only make a single cup serve so no more leftover coffee.

There are a number of Nespresso machine models with distinct features and inbuilt programs available with a varied price range. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the requirements you should look for.

OriginalLine or VertuoLine:

Nespresso comes with two types of coffee machines: the original one is called the original line and the second one is 2014 launched VertuoLine.


The original line Nespresso coffee machines use the classic pump based, pressure driven brew technology that pumps the boiling water under pressure through small, one to three holes and the coffee exits through small ruptured squares at the base of the pod.

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The pod size and shape are the most obvious between the two lines, as the original capsule size is cup-shaped and no size options available. The plus point of the OriginalLine is that it includes a built-in milk frother.


They specially introduced this line in 2014 for North Americans with their choices of larger cups, and with time it got much popularity in other parts of the world too. 

The VertuoLine coffee machines use a centrifusion (centrifugal force + infusion) brew technology that helps in spinning the coffee capsule at the speed of around 7000 rpm and blends the coffee with hot water for the well known creamy texture it gives.

The VertuoLine has dome shaped coffee capsules with three different sizes. Additionally, the coffee pod has a barcode embedded on its rim.

There are a variety of options to choose from in a VertuoLine machine, but the only downfall is they are only compatible with Nespresso coffee capsules. VertuoLine machines do not include an inbuilt milk frother you need to buy one externally.

Coffee capsules/pods

OriginalLine coffee capsules come in 3 different size options which include a lungo of 3.7 oz, 1.35 oz espresso, and a ristretto of 0.85 oz. on the other hand VertuoLine provides 5 different size options such as 1.35 oz of espresso, 7.77 oz coffee, Alto XL of oz 14, 5 oz gran lungo and 2.7oz double espresso.

 Unlike the OriginalLine coffee capsules the VertuoLine coffee pods have a barcode embedded on them which when scanned by the machine gives information about temperature, volume, water flow, infusion time, and rotation speed.

Which makes the machines more user friendly on the contrary the VertuoLine is only compatible with Nespresso coffee capsules. 

The OriginalLine is compatible with coffee capsules from other companies which are easily available, less expensive and also reusable. 


While buying a Nespresso machine look out for the space you have in your kitchen, there are many compact Nespresso machines available which have the same features like a big one additionally they are light in weight.

The Essenza mini, nespresso is the most compact machine ever therefore it is perfect for people with less space.


The water container capacity is what you have to look for while considering the number of people you have in your family, so you don’t have to refill the water container after each cup of coffee.

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You should consider buying a nespresso machine with high capacity and more features if you want to run a coffee business.

Price of the machine

The price solely depends on the features and quality of coffee you will get with your nespresso machine. These machines are available at cheap prices with fewer features and as the price increases the features also increase.

Moreover, with a variety of flavours do not assume that the coffee quality will differ with prices they do not reduce the coffee quality, only the additional features will be lesser.

Type of coffee you need

If you need the perfect and authentic taste of espresso with its aroma, you should definitely go for OriginalLine nespresso machine but if you love large a large cup of coffee with a range of varieties and a big crema layer on the top.

You should go for the VertuoLine similarly if you love milk coffees and love to make milk art on the top crema see for a machine with an inbuilt milk frother. 

Milk frother

Many nespresso coffee machines include an inbuilt milk frother so that you can enjoy your favourite cappuccino or latte at your home otherwise you can also buy one externally if your machine doesn’t have one.

So as per your choice choose a Nespresso machine with or without a milk frother, but having a milk frother is a better choice in the long run.


In this world, no one can deny that looks don’t matter. The appliance you get for your kitchen should match with your expensive kitchen furniture and its colour scheme makes sure that your kitchen looks more appealing. The Nespresso machines are available in many colours, so get one of your choice.


If you are a coffee lover who loves to have coffee frequently, with no second thought, invest in a coffee machine with outstanding quality and features. On the other hand, if you brew occasionally you can opt for a cheaper machine with fewer features.

Sometimes, the user may get confused with the machine’s features, so for them it is better to get a basic Nespresso machine.

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Warranty is the most important thing you should look for while buying any machine, as the risk is lesser and you can get a replacement or refund for a defective machine. The longer the warranty, the lesser risk you have.

Cleaning functions

Cleaning a Nespresso machine is easier compared to manual coffee makers. Additionally, some expensive nespresso machines include a feature of self cleaning and detects the right time for descaling your coffee machine which helps in maintaining your coffee consistency and ensures that your nespresso machine is in good condition.

If you are new to coffee making and cleaning the machine seems a hard task for you check out our article – how to clean a Nespresso machine.

Additional features

The additional features include:

  •  You can control your coffee machine with your smart device easily.
  •  Moreover, an external milk frother will work great if your favourite nespresso machine does not include an inbuilt milk frother.
  • You can program the coffee machine with your own preferences such as your cup size and flavour preferences
  • With basic lungo and espresso, these machines can also make tasty cappuccino, double espresso, ristretto and many other beverages with minimal to no human interaction at all.
  •  As the additional features increase the price also goes up but the price is worth of the premium coffee experience 


About 150 million people daily consume coffee in different forms, be it latte, mocha, cappuccino, etc. With such a craze for coffee in the globe, there should be a machine to make coffee easier to make, right?

 That’s when the Nespresso coffee machines come to use. Nespresso with its wide range of coffee machine models with different features lets you make the perfect coffee cup of your choice with precision at your home.

Many smart nespresso machines are specially programmed to remember your preferences, and the coffee pods used with its aluminum package preserves the aroma and authentic coffee taste for further use .

Now that you know what to watch out while buying a Nespresso coffee machine depending on your preferences and budget, go and get the best nespresso machine which suits you and your lifestyle.

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