French roast VS Italian roast – What’s the Difference

There are a lot of people in the world who love dark roasted coffee beans because of the strong flavor they provide and also the smoky aroma they emit. However, there are many types of dark roast which you should know if you are one of those who love having dark coffee.

In this article we have covered the difference between French roast VS Italian roast so you can get the best out of all. Moreover, we have also featured some best ground coffee packs of both. Now, let’s begin with the main point of the article. 

French roast VS Italian roast 

What is a French roast?

A French roast is a type of coffee roast in which the whole coffee beans are roasted dark until the oils are visible on the surface of those beans. Moreover, they are roasted until the second crack. Although French roast is one of the darkest roast, it won’t make your coffee too bitter or too sweet, it’s something in between which you would definitely love to have.

Benefits of French roast

  • French roast is a balanced type of dark roast which provides a number of antioxidants to our body 
  • It’s the perfect choice for people who love having stronger coffees with less caffeine 
  • Dark roast is known to be best for a healthy heart at moderate levels 
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Side effects of French roast

  • French roast may not be for everybody as it may taste burnt to someone who prefers light roast
  • The less caffeine content can be a major turn off for people who love having high caffeine shots 

What is an Italian roast?

As the name suggests, the roast does not originate from Italy, it simply defines how the coffee beans are roasted. In an Italian roast, the coffee beans are highly roasted and kept for a longer time at high temperatures as compared to a French roast.

Therefore, Italian roast is darker than French roast. Moreover, the coffee will taste too bitter for someone who loves having light coffee. Also, the beans are roasted unless the oils are visible on the surface making it oily and smoky. 

Benefits of Italian roast 

  • Some studies have shown that having Italian roast coffee can lower the risk of cancer 
  • Moreover, it can also help you in losing weight because coffee is an excellent fat burner 
  • Also, it will provide the required amounts of antioxidants to your body, which will keep you healthy 
  • The Italian roast can also keep away heart diseases if taken in moderation 

Side effects of Italian roast 

  • Excess amounts of Italian roast coffee may increase the levels of bad cholesterol 
  • Moreover, if not taken in moderation, it can cause ill effects on your heart

What’s the difference between a French roast and an Italian roast?

There is no significant difference between a French roast and an Italian roast as both of them are dark roasts and if you keep French roasted beans for too long they will turn into Italian roast, that’s it.

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Moreover, the French roasted beans are not much oily and dark as compared to the Italian roasted beans. Also, the Italian ones may taste burnt and strong to many people.

As compared to the Italian roast, the French roast is less bitter and somehow sweet too. Therefore, if you don’t like too much bitter coffee, go for the French roast coffee.

Here is the coffee pack by Peet’s of French roasted coffee grounds

Best French roast Coffee

Peet’s Coffee Organic French Roast

If you are the one who loves having the bitter yet somehow sweet tasting coffee, then this pack of 18 oz French roast coffee grounds is made for you. With this pack you can enjoy your favorite and intense coffee flavor at your home and according to your preferences. Moreover, it has hints of caramel, which will make it perfect to be a stress buster and morning cup. 

Here are the Italian roast coffee grounds by Medaglia D’Oro.

Best Italian roast Coffee 

Medaglia D’Oro Italian Roast Espresso Style Ground Coffee

For people who love having the bitterest coffee in the world, try this Italian roast coffee grounds which are exclusively made for you. These grounds are made from 100% arabica coffee beans, one of the best known coffee beans. Moreover, if you love espresso, you will definitely need this one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Italian roast light or dark?

The Italian roast is darker and has a stronger flavor as it’s highly roasted than many other coffee types. However, it has less caffeine content. 

Is a French roast healthy?

Yes, it’s healthy to have a coffee of French roast as it’s a dark roast and it contains a large number of antioxidants which can help in relieving stress and also slow the ageing process. 

Is Italian roast good for making espresso?

Yes, of course, as espresso is an Italian drink, the Italian roast which is a darker one should be one of the best for making the perfect espresso shots. Moreover, you can get a dark and strong espresso taste if you use Italian roast. 


So that’s the difference between a French roast and an Italian roast now you can win any debate regarding French roast VS Italian roast.

Also, if you are a new barista and want to have more knowledge about everything regarding coffee, we have already provided them Moreover, we have also provided the best products we have used and would assure you they won’t disappoint you. We hope that you have liked the article and the way we explained everything.

A little appreciation from your side will motivate us to bring before you many such informative articles. 

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