French press VS Pour Over Coffee – What’s the Difference 

Love having coffee, yet confused between a French press or a pour over coffee brewer? If yes we will help you out with our detailed comparison article French press VS pour over coffee.

Both of them brew only coffee and are super easy to use, however, the brewing methods are different and there are some minor differences that we have highlighted in this article.

Moreover, we have also featured the best French press and coffee maker which we think is the best for brewing your favorite coffee.

French press VS Pour over coffee

What is a French press?

A French press is a coffee brewer machine that has its own fan base and has a brewing method called steeping. The French press has a cylindrical shape with a plunger on the top, which should be taken down during coffee filtration.

The French press requires no stove or electricity for working, which makes it more special and can be used anywhere at home or during trips. 

How does the French press work?

As said earlier a French press has a cylindrical shape with a piston or plunger on the top. Firstly, coarse coffee grounds are added into the French press container by detaching the plunger.

Subsequently, hot water is added according to preference. Then, the plunger is attached, and the coffee is kept idle to brew and infuse for some time. It takes a maximum of 5 to 8 minutes, not more than that.

Afterward, the plunger is pushed downwards, so the used coffee grounds get hard and settle at the bottom, leaving the filtered coffee on the top to serve. 

Benefits of having a French press

  • French press doesn’t require any constant heat or electricity source only hot water is enough 
  • Provides a stronger coffee with a great intensity which we won’t get in the pour over method
  • Moreover, you can fully control the brewing time and process without any interference 
  • A coffee cup in a limited amount will help you relieve anxiety and stress and also uplift your mood 

Side effects of having a French press 

  • A French press cannot filter coffee grounds like any other coffee maker due to its steeping method 
  • Having an excess amount of unfiltered coffee can increase the levels of bad cholesterol in our body 
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What is a Pour over coffee?

A pour over coffee is nothing but a drip coffee that is made by pouring hot water over coarse coffee grounds and the coffee drips below through the filter in between into the container or cup.

In this brewing method, the coffee grounds come in contact with new water so it doesn’t get enough time to infuse or extract the coffee flavors out of the grounds.

Therefore, the pour over coffee has a weak flavor and strength as compared to French press coffee. 

How is a Pour over coffee made?

A pour over coffee can be directly made into a cup or with a separate pour over coffee maker which has a container with a filter on the top in which we have to add the required amounts of coffee grounds and then pour a stream of hot water on them slowly.

After the coffee gets collected in the cup or container, the filter is removed and the coffee is served. With this method, the coffee grounds do not get much time to mix well with the water which leads to a weak and less intense flavor. 

Benefits of having a pour over coffee

  • A pour over coffee has minimum calories as compared to other coffee beverages 
  • The coffee is filtered out with a filter in between so it won’t have any adverse effects on your health
  • Moreover, at a moderate level, pour over coffee can also help in burning fat from your body 
  • Also, coffee is known to be good for skin and heart in moderation 

Side effects of having a pour over coffee

  • May cause insomnia and lack of sleep if you have an excess amount of coffee 
  • Moreover, having pour over coffee in excess amounts may lead to serious heart conditions 

What is the difference Between a French Press & pour over coffee maker?

There is a lot of difference between a coffee made by the French press and one made by the pour over method. The major difference is the coffee strength and intensity, which is as high as it should be in a French press and medium in a pour over coffee.

The reason is that in the pour over method the water has limited time to extract flavors. Moreover, a French press may take more time as compared to a pour over coffee maker which can make a cup of coffee within 2 minutes. Also, the brewing method is different between both.

However, the grind level used in both is the same so can’t distinguish between them. 

Here is the best French press for people who love the taste of perfectly infused and strong coffee with slight grounds to enhance its taste.

Cafe du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

Why do we love it?

  • This French press comes with a 4 layered filter so your coffee will never include any used coffee grounds 
  • Moreover, carafe is fully made of stainless steel and glass which is BPA free so don’t worry about poisoning 
  • Lastly, the brand offers a lifetime replacement policy, which is a great deal 
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One of the largest French presses available is this one with a capacity of 34 oz. You can brew your favorite brewed coffee in this French press within minutes.

Moreover, the stylish and sturdy build will make sure it will last for years. What makes the French press stand out is its 4 layers of filters which make sure you get a cup of filtered coffee.

Also, you don’t have to toil hard and clean the french press by hand because it’s fully dishwasher safe and can be dismantled into various parts for cleaning.

Moreover, we would like to assure you that the stainless steel construction is coated with a corrosion resistant layer, so it will last for years. Lastly, it’s the best you can get at this price range. 


  • 34 oz water capacity
  • Extra mesh strainer 
  • Quite working 
  • Attractive design


  • Gets extremely hot
  • Water gets stuck in between 

It’s good to have this French press if you love having the balanced flavors of coffee with a strong taste. Moreover, it makes your coffee super smooth due to its 4 layers of filters which is exclusively found in this French press. It’s easy to use and easy to clean.

However, the stainless steel handle and exterior get too hot to handle which may lead to burning so make sure you have the right equipment if you want to buy this one.

Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker-Best pour over coffee maker

Why do we love it? 

  • Comes with a stainless steel reusable filter which won’t corrode easily and will last for years
  • Moreover, the borosilicate glass is of top quality and won’t absorb any kind of chemical residues 
  • This pour over coffee maker is extremely simple to use and perfect for lazy mornings and fast lifestyle 

People who love having the mild intensity and nice flavor of a pour over coffee or want to try out something new should definitely get this one. It comes with a great build and superior quality with a heat-resistant glass.

Moreover, the stainless steel cone filter is reusable and cannot corrode even if it has moisture. Also, you can control the intensity and concentration of the coffee on your own. 

You can brew up to 20 oz of drip coffee in one go which is great for a small number of people.

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Furthermore, you have total control of the coffee getting brewed and the coffee scoop provided can help in getting the perfect size of grounds. Therefore, it’s a nice coffee maker if you love to pour over coffee that can be made instantly. 


  • Easy to clean 
  • High-quality glass
  • Cone filter works great
  • Includes a coffee scooper 


  • The silicone base traps water
  • Rubber grip of cone slips 

The coffee maker by Bean Envy is great in terms of coffee making and quality which will last for years. Moreover, it also comes with a stainless steel filter so you don’t have to waste your money on those paper filters.

Therefore, it’s a brilliant choice you can go for as it’s cheaper and healthier too. However, the base of silicon doesn’t let the coffee maker slip from its place but it traps water inside so clean it if you get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is French press coffee bad for you?

As said earlier in this article a French press leaves the coffee unfiltered because of its steeping method and those unfiltered coffee grounds, when taken more than limit, may increase the levels of bad cholesterol in our body so you have to check on your cholesterol levels frequently. 

Is French press coffee stronger than pour over?

Yes, a French press coffee is stronger than a pour over for obvious reasons. The water comes in contact with the grounds for a less amount of time therefore, it’s weaker in taste. 

Is pour over coffee healthier than a French press coffee?

Yeah, we can say that the pour over or drip coffee is better than a French press coffee because it filters out the coffee grounds so the bad cholesterol is not affected. Moreover, the less caffeine content will keep your health intact. However, anything above moderate levels is unhealthy. 

Which is the best French press coffee maker of 2021?

The Veken French Press Coffee Maker is the best French press at a cheaper price. We have given a whole genuine review about this coffee maker so do check it once for more information. 


The French press and pour over methods of them are opposite to each other making coffee with different intensities, tastes and brewing methods.

However, the only thing which is the same is the coffee grounds used. We hope that now you have a clear idea about both and won’t be confused between a French press and a pour over coffee maker. You can also check out our other similar articles.

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In these articles also we have given a lot of detailed information which you would definitely require if you are a new coffee enthusiast. 

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